• Control three separate electrical circuits from anywhere using your smartphone. Can control mains power up to 3500W total load.
  • Magic Button: trigger your smart relays from any Lightwave Smart Dimmer around your home, no extra wiring required.
  • Create timers, scenes, triggers and other automations. Built-in energy monitoring for each individual circuit.
  • Voice-control compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri through the Apple HomeKit platform
  • Requires mains power. Can be located outdoors using the LW823 Waterproof housing. Lightwave Link Plus and WiFi router with broadband internet connection required.

The Lightwave Smart Relay (3 Gang) allows for the remote control of three separate mains electrical circuits (max 3500W total load). As a result, each circuit can be controlled independently via the Lightwave App. Each Smart Relay can also be voice-controlled using Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The Smart Relay is a very useful way of controlling LED strip lighting. This can act as part of a wider lighting scene in conjunction with Lightwave Smart Sockets and Dimmers which can be triggered by a single button press or the App.

The Smart Relay can also be situated outdoors by utilising the Lightwave LW823 Waterproof Housing. This allows it to control outdoor features such as garden lighting features and pond pumps.