• CD player
  • DAB/DAB+/FM radio
  • Mains powered
  • USB / Aux-in
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Enjoy a wide range of features all in a compact design with the Majority Homerton Wireless Radio Stereo. The internet radio function allows you to explore thousands of stations from all over the world and for further choice, the radio also features a CD player, DAB+ and FM radio, Bluetooth and more.

Simply tune the radio to begin listening to a wide variety of digital and FM radio. An optional feature of connecting to your WiFi to access thousands of stations in internet radio mode.

Listen to your favourite CDs via the built-in CD player. Play, pause, set the order of the songs and more with the remote control.

Connect your device via Bluetooth, UPnP, AUX-in or USB MP3 input (USB stick) and enjoy listening to your own media and playlists in HD sound.

Easily control your radio settings and wander between modes by using the supplied remote control. You can also control your radio from your phone with the AirMusic App for Apple and Android.