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For some bright sparks out there, there’s nothing better than patching up an old appliance or building a gizmo from scratch. That’s why we carry any components you might need, whether you’re a learner, an experienced hobbyist, or a professional.

We have a wide range of products available from world renowned brands for your electronic projects:

  • Arduino – Arduino is an inexpensive tool for developing interactive objects that can detect various inputs and sensors, to control a variety of lights, motors, or other physical outputs. It’s an open-source physical platform based on a simple microcontroller board to which you can write software to control the board and elements that are attached.
  • Raspberry Pi – The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive complete computer. When it is connected to a display, it can transform any TV screen or monitor into a computer programming station. It is also great for connecting to other devices such as electronic components or a HD camera. The GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) both handles and displays recorded HD video to show via the HDMI out port. It facilitates audio-visual output via the Raspberry Pi’s 3.5mm jack to connect to headphones, speakers or perhaps a TV screen.
  • micro:bit – The BBC micro:bit is a pocket sized computer that puts you in the driving seat, letting you program every part of the board. A collaboration between 31 partners, the micro:bit has been released as an initiative to get everyone interested in programming and inspire creativity with technology. The board comes in one of four colours (red, green, blue or yellow) at random. You don’t need to have any knowledge or experience to start using the micro:bit – so see what you can create today.
  • Project & Kits – Shop from our range of Projects & Kits including; 3D Printing, Screwdriver Kits, Soldering Irons, Education & Project Books, Illuminated Magnifiers

Your electronics projects also need a base to start from, that’s why we stock a selection of breadboards. A breadboard is a construction base, used to prototype electronic circuits – the beauty being that you can use one to learn the basics, but once you understand the principles your imagination is the only limit. 

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