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Easy to build, no glue required
A4 self healing cutting mat included
Slots for tools, brushes & water pot
Lightweight & portable with built-in handles
Dimensions: 30.5 x 29 x 9.5 cm
Foldable - perfect for travel
8 LEDs with 2 light settings
Built-in mini lens: 11x
Magnification: 5x
Built-in rechargeable battery
2x 50mm clamps & 1x 75mm clamp
Flat & bent nose tweezers
Ideal for Craft, Model Making, Repairing and small general DIY tasks
A5 cutting mat, Side Cutter & Pliers
Craft Knife & 5 Spare Blades
Energy efficient A3 LED lightbox with dimmer feature
Trace designs and patterns for stencilling, embossing, scrap-booking, quilting
Includes 2m USB cable
Dimmable LED lighting, consistent light across the whole panel face
Ultra slim, lightweight & easy to carry
3-in-1 product
Pocket-size 7x magnification monocular
Illuminated 4x magnifying glass
Illuminated 25x power microscope
Illumination is by way of built-in bright white LED bulbs
Premium engineered plastic
Highly reliable
Electronic PTC heater with automatic temperature control
100W power
Max temperature of 195C
100x - 200x digital magnification
Snapshot and video recording function
Record measurements using included calibration software
Snapshot & Full HD video recording function
High Speed DSP & 8 LED light source
Hot Air Heat Gun
Two temperature switch to adjust: 450C or 600C
Ergonomic handle
Heat resistant materials with low heat conduction
Premium engineered plastic
Highly reliable
Electronic PTC heater with automatic temperature control
30-40W power
Max temperature of 165C
230v, 170w variable speed rotary tool
Hanging hook
Soft grip & 2 holding positions – pen & palm
Button LCD speed control 8,000-35,000 rpm
100 accessories including collets 1.0, 2.35, 3.0, 3.2mm
Built-In rechargeable battery
5 settings provide soft & bright white light, flashlight, red light & flashing red
Foldable design with magnetic base
24 COB LEDs producing 5000 – 6000K light
Portable & lightweight with textured handle and hook
Widely used in industries such as electronics, automotive, optics, medical & science
Ideal for cleaning PCB & mechanical parts
Perfect for cleaning complex parts with hard to reach areas
Ultrasonic cleaning is more thorough, efficient and faster than most other cleaning methods
Removes dirt, grease, corrosion without the need for harsh chemicals.
Lightweight, portable and easy to handle
Wireless with rechargeable Li-ion Battery -with no more cables in the way you can work with ease
Specially designed tip structure cuts smoothly without burning
Fast heating Foam Cutter that creates fast clean precision cuts
Collapsible, foldaway design with carrying handle, easily portable
Revolving turntable, allows you to reach all areas to be painted as it turns 360 °
3-way switch for fan and light control
Indoor spraying without the mess
Ventilation hose for extracting vapour and mist whilst airbrushing
Built-in chrome handle & sun protector cap
Includes table clamp & dual UK/EU plug
90 LEDs producing 6400K shadow-free light
High quality 125mm (5") lens, 3 dioptre (1.75x magnification)
Energy efficient, using only 6 W
24 LEDs producing 3000 – 6100K light with 90 CRI
Shadow-free, cool light that cuts glare & helps reduce eye strain
Energy efficient & sustainable, using only 7.5 W
High-quality 100mm (4”) glass lens, 3 dioptre (1.75x magnification)
3 settings provide soft white to daylight
Includes table clamp
84 energy efficient LEDs, only 21 W in total
Multi-function dimmer switch
Shadow-free, cool light
Ergonomic design and easily positioned to suit
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Items 1-20 of 26



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