• Our CCTV installers are fully trained and accredited
  • We will set up the cameras, cables, components and DVR, plus give a demonstration of the basic functions
  • Get your new 4 camera WiFi CCTV system set up professionally with our installation service

Bought a new WiFi CCTV kit with us?
Take the hassle out of installing it with our professional CCTV installation service.

As the UK’s number 1 CCTV retailer, we know how important it is to get your CCTV system installed correctly. We’ve partnered with professional installers Total Support Group (TSG) to get you up and running with your new CCTV system quickly and easily. With over 10,000+ CCTV installations under our belt you can trust us to get your CCTV kit set up swiftly with the minimum amount of fuss.

What you’ll get with our CCTV installation service
Experienced CCTV installers who are trained on the latest systems
• Competitive pricing for standard installations and Custom quotations for more bespoke systems 
Our Engineers will Set up of all kit elements including cameras, cables and NVR/ DVR’s 
• We will also provide a brief demonstration of the basic system functions as a part of the final sign off process to make sure that you are happy with the installation work and the associated camera views.

A standard 12 Month warranty on all new system installations and a 3 Month warranty on all materials provided by TSG during maintenance visits. Click here to read more about the warranty Terms and Conditions.

This is a Standard Installation service to set up a Maplin purchased camera CCTV system. This does not include any CCTV cameras or hardware. You must purchase the appropriate CCTV kit from Maplin to use this service. This installation will be carried out by a professional engineer from Total Support Group (TSG). TSG takes all the hassle out of setting up your CCTV kit – they offer a high quality technical installation service which includes camera positioning, cable mounting and assessment of camera viewing angles.

How it works: 
1. TSG will contact you within 48hrs of your order to arrange a time for your installation to take place (the installation can only take place after you have received your CCTV kit). 
2. TSG will discuss your specific installation requirements, including property type, site access and the main locations for key elements such as Cameras and the Digital Video Recorder (DVR)/Network Video Recorder (NVR).
3. During the installation visit the TSG engineer will install and align your CCTV cameras to provide suitable viewing angles, using a standard ladder for safe working access to wall mounting positions below gutter level up to 2 storeys’ in height. (Please note that the final camera positions will be governed by site access, type of camera, video cable lengths and the available cable routing options) 
4. The engineer will then install the video cables (surface mounted only) between the individual cameras and the centrally situated DVR/NVR. (Please note that you must ensure that adequate power sockets are made available near the DVR/NVR unit – each camera and monitor will need to be plugged into a power socket) 
5. All cable wall entry holes will be properly sealed against the elements using silicon sealant and appropriate internal/external weather covers as required. 
6. A final assessment of camera views will be carried out to confirm that the system is fully operational before a brief demonstration is provided.

Key Considerations for Standard Installation – please read before purchase
• For installation, your CCTV kit needs to be new, purchased from Maplin, boxed and within the manufacturer’s warranty period. You may need to provide proof of purchase to the engineer. 
• The areas that the cameras will be situated in need to be accessible by a two-section ladder and no higher than two storeys from ground level. 
• The property must be accessible by a Transit van style vehicle. 
• You must have the permission of the property owner to install CCTV equipment as holes may need to be drilled through internal and external walls. 
• Most CCTV systems require a monitor to enable the recorded footage to be viewed. 
• To view the CCTV imagery locally you will need a monitor / screen with suitable connections that are compatible with the Digital Video Recorder (DVR)/ Network Video Recorder (NVR), for example, HDMI / VGA etc. 
• Depending on the size of your property and distance to each camera, you may need to purchase additional cable lengths (>15m). Please check the length of cable supplied in your CCTV product. Additional cable can be purchased at the time of installation if required for an additional cost. 
• If cables are to be installed in a loft, the loft must be clear and safe to work in. 
• There will need to be available power sockets for the installation, including at the intended DVR and monitor location. (Safe loft access and local power sockets may be required)  
• Your broadband speed should be 4MB or faster. Your router should be accessible from where the DVR will be positioned. (Powerline adaptors may be required for remote locations) 
• If you wish to use the remote viewing facility TSG will require a suitable portable device and adequate broadband service on site and on the mobile device.

Note that for a standard installation all cables will be installed surface mounted and not installed in cavity walls or chased into plaster work. Cable containment (Conduit/trunking) is not included in Standard Installation but can be supplied if required for additional cost.

By booking a standard installation service you are confirming that the above apply to the dwelling where the installation will take place. If TSG is unable to complete a standard installation due

to any of the above criteria not being met, then we will not be able to guarantee a full refund.

If you are in any doubt or would like to discuss a ‘non-standard’ installation, please feel free to chat to us or email us at help@maplin.com

Non-StandardInstallation Considerations

In some cases it will be necessary to install additional materials or provide extra resources (manpower) to facilitate the CCTV system installation in a safe manner. For example: 
• Extended Video Cabling 
• Bespoke Camera Mounts 
• Cable containment (Trunking) 
• Additional Cameras (Non kit Cameras) 
• Specialised Access Equipment/ Permits (hoists/ lifts etc) 
• Additional Manpower (Two man team for special heights) 
• 4 x 4 Vehicular Access requirements (Remote rural sites)

·         Remote Sites (Highlands/ Islands – Travel supplement

These additional costs will of course need to be agreed with you and payment completed before the installation starts.


TypeInstallation Service
Services ProvidedInstallation and Startup
Form FactorHardware Installation