• High sensitivity search coil
  • Telescopic stem: Adjust from Approx 105-135cm
  • Padded armrest with stand
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Headphone jack for audio alerts

The Maplin Hobbyist Metal Detector with LCD Screen is the ideal companion for the start of an exciting new  pass time. Search for lost coins or jewelry and any other metal objects beneath the ground. It features a high sensitivity search coil, telescopic stem and a backlit LCD screen which is easy to read at night and can display what material is being detected (iron, gold or silver, if of sufficient purity). It also has a headphone jack for audio alerts. The padded armrest is comfortable and has a built in stand for when resting on the ground.

Dimensions: Approx 22x22x120cm
Adjustable Height: Approx 105-135cm
Requires 2x 9V battery (not included)