5m length
Nickel plated connectors
Ideal for connecting USB Mini B compatible digital cameras, phones and more
USB version 2.0 cable for standard transfers and charging your devices
USB Type A to mini B
Maximum 480Mbps data transfer rate


This Maplin USB Cable uses USB A 2.0 and mini USB B 2.0 connectors. Itis mainly used to connect a large range of devices to a desktop or laptop usingUSB A ports. You could connect the cable to your digital camera, giving you theability to transfer images. Alternatively, it could be used with an externalUSB hard drive to provide extra storage for your computer or laptop. It is alsoideal for use with a USB hub to provide extra USB ports for your computer. TheUSB cable provides a maximum transfer rate of 480Mbps when used with a USB 2.0port. Power can also be provided through the USB cable in compatible devices.