• Kinsman USB plug-and-play condenser microphone
  • Plus On Stage microphone pop shield
  • On Stage green screen with height-adjustable stand
  • Includes carry bag
  • Ideal for podcasts, interviews, karaoke or videos

Everything you need to get started with the On Stage Starter Streamer Kit.

Includes the Kinsman USB Plug and Play condenser microphone and adjustable stand, Plus On Stage microphone pop shield. The On-Stage Green Screen Kit includes a height-adjustable stand and mounting clip to enable vertical or horizontal green screen orientation. For efficient storage and transportation, the stand folds down and the screen includes a carry bag. Perfect to get started producing podcasts, online interviews, karaoke or video sound.

Kit Includes:

  • On Stage Green Screen Kit
  • Kinsman Plug & Play USB Microphone Kit with USB Port
  • On Stage Microphone Pop Shield (6inch)