• Bluetooth to WiFi range extension built-in up to 50m
  • 4 probes to monitor internal / ambient temperature
  • Guided cook system walks you through every step
  • Estimates how long to cook and rest your food
  • Stand-alone mode - cook without the use of your smartphone

The Meater Block 50m Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer is the ultimate Wi-Fi cooking solution. Receive alerts in the MEATER app when your food is perfectly cooked!

Indoor, outdoor, on the go with MEATER Cloud.  Developed with state-of-the-art technology combined with an insatiable passion for mouth-watering, perfectly cooked food. Apption Labs designed MEATER Block for the home cook, pitmaster, or pro to make overcooked meats a thing of the past.

Monitor Multiple Cooks:  Cook different meats at various temperatures at the same time.

Estimate Cook Time:  Know when your meat will be ready and manage your time better.

Guided Cook:  Select your protein and get your cook started without the guesswork.

Receive Alerts:  Check your cooking status and get notifications anywhere your smart device has access to internet connectivity.

Wi-Fi Built-in:  Wireless range up to 50m (unlimited range with MEATER Cloud)

Stand-Alone Mode:  Cook without the app using the OLED display and speakers

Probe Charger:  Store and recharge MEATER probes

USB Power:  Auxiliary USB input power for long cooks

MEATER Probe Specs
  • Water resistant and easy to clean
  • Dual sensors Max Temps: Internal 100°C; ambient 275°C
  • Rechargeable battery: 24+ hours per charge
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connection to the Block
  • Stainless steel and ceramic construction

MEATER Block Specs
  • WiFi range up to 50m
  • OLED display and speakers
  • Auxillary Input Power: Micro USB 5v 500ma
  • Stand-Alone Mode: Cook without the app
  • Built-in MEATER Cloud connectivity

In The Box
  • 4x Wireless temperature probes
  • 1x MEATER Block charger
  • 4x AA Batteries for power