• Control via smartphone or using your voice via Alexa
  • Scans & memorises the surroundings while following schedules
  • Includes mainbrush, 2 high performance side brushes & a powerful motor
  • Automatically returns to the charging station
  • Various sensors (cliff sensor, soft touch bumper, laser mapping)

Take the hassle out of vacuuming with the Medion MD 18871 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Intelligent Laser Navigation & Voice Control. Control the robot easily using the Medion Cronos app or via Alexa allowing you to easily schedule cleaning routines throughout the week ensuring that your house is clean! The MD18871 is ideal for busy families, professionals or people who just don’t like cleaning!

Automatic and thorough cleaning on hard floor and carpets thanks to the rotating main brush and 2 side “sweeper” brushes. The MD18871 can manoeuvre over doorsteps and thresher bars up to 20mm allowing room to room cleaning. The integrated laser and soft-touch bumper recognise objects to avoid crashing into them ensuring that there are no nasty nicks and lightweight furniture stays in place. The integrated anti-fall sensor stops the robot from falling down the stairs.

Battery life is up to 120 minutes depending on the mode selected, allowing thorough cleaning on one charge. The auto re-charging function allows the robot to return to the base station when the battery is low. After recharging it will finish the job you asked it to complete if necessary.

The Medion Cronos app (available for iOS or Android) allows the robot to map out your house in discovery mode, allowing you to create a cleaning schedule throughout the week. You can even choose specific rooms which are cleaned more regularly such as this kitchen or bathroom or spot cleaning mode to vacuum up any crumbs in a certain area. The app also allows you to edit rooms to create no-go areas.

The multiple map mode allows you to create up to 3 maps of your house so you can use the robot to clean different floors.

The detachable dust bin has a capacity of 600ml, which has a HEPA filter integrated trapping allergens such as pollen, dust mites etc.