Metal Detectors

What will you find?

Metal Detectors

Treasure Hunting

Ever wondered what treasures you could find in your spare time? Metal detecting can be a fun and lucrative hobby if you get the right equipment. Travel to a popular holiday destination and scour sandy beaches for hidden treasures. Alternatively, gain a farmer’s permission to search their ploughed fields for relics turned over in the soil.

Home Solutions

Tired of misplacing your keys, jewellery and other valuable metal items? A metal detector can be a great addition to your home, taking the stress and guesswork away when you misplace your possessions.

Business Use

Want to make your business more efficient? A metal detector can help you quickly identify lost metal parts such as screws and metal fixtures. This could bring your overheads down as you will have to replace fewer metal components.

  • Metal detectors discriminate between different metals using their different conductive properties
  • More advanced detectors offer:
  • As detectors increase in complexity they provide better discrimination between metals
  • All the metal detectors in-store have waterproof coils and use the most popular VLF (very low frequency) detection method