• 2x 50mm clamps & 1x 75mm clamp
  • Flat & bent nose tweezers
  • Ideal for Craft, Model Making, Repairing and small general DIY tasks
  • A5 cutting mat, Side Cutter & Pliers
  • Craft Knife & 5 Spare Blades

A Modelcraft 15 Piece Craft & Model Tool Set that has everything you need for craft, model making, repairing and small general tasks. The A5 size self-healing mat is a perfect addition as it ensures no cracking or warping when using the blades, preventing any cutting errors and preserves the life of blades! Includes Side cutter, Snipe nose Plier, Modellers knife with no. 11 Blade, 5x no. 11 spare blades, Flat hobby file, Flat end tweezers, Bent nose tweezer, Grip clamps: 2 x 2" (50mm), Grip clamps: 1 x 3" (75mm), A5 size self-healing cutting mat.

Not to be sold to persons under 18 years if age 18+. Keep blade out of reach of children and animals to avoid injury.