• Power filtration helps remove interference from mains power and improve picture and sound
  • Includes AV antenna connections for added protection against surges via aerials and satellite dishes
  • Dual surge protected USB charging outputs for smartphones and tablets
  • 918 joules of protection
  • Fireproof MOV power protection protects your home, not just your equipment

Fireproof-certified, this Monster Power Core 800 USB & AV - UK 8-Socket Surge Protector with USB provides additional protection for AV devices with satellite and aerial protection points and fully protects your plugged electronic equipment from lightning storms and power surges.

The Surge Protector comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the connected equipment, giving you an extra boost of confidence in the effectiveness of the device and ensuring added safety for your home and family.

For extra convenience and versatility, the 8-socket Surge Protector has two USB ports for your smartphone and tablet.


Form FactorSurge Protector
Case ColourBlack
Input Voltage Range100 to 240V
Electrical Frequency50 to 60Hz
Surge Energy918 Joules