• Cats, foxes even badgers can be viewed whilst remaining unaware of your observations
  • Can be used in twilight conditions and even complete darkness, thanks to its invisible Infra-red light source
  • Night vision device for stunning images in seemingly impossible conditions
  • Built-in Infra-red light source enable use in complete darkness at a range of up to 60m
  • Large 50mm Objective lens offers great light gathering capacity

Imagine a device that can let you see, even in total darkness. This National Geographic 5x50 Digital Night Vision Scope can do exactly that! In total darkness, the night vision device has a powerful infra-red illumination system, invisible to the human eye, but very effective when used with the right equipment. With a range of up to 60 metres in the dark, the user is able to see the scene in high contrast black and white detail without being detected. Cats, foxes, even badgers will carry on their activity completely oblivious to the attention they are generating. In twilight conditions, the night vision scope can make use of the tiny amounts of illumination and doesn't need to rely on the infra-red beam, so there's no limit to the viewing distance. The Large 50 mm Objective lens ensures excellent light-gathering power, giving excellent images in very dark conditions. You can still use the scope in daylight as the subject will be magnified by 5 x and the images will be in full, natural colour. Complete with a handy carry-case, this amazing device is invaluable for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The National Geographic night vision scope is designed to give many years of great service and for extra peace of mind, registering the purchase means that you have a FIVE-YEAR warranty.
Objective Diameter50mm
Form FactorSpotting Scope
Case ColourBlack
Pack Quantity1
Dimensions7cm (W) x 17.3cm (D) x 4.2cm (H) - Weight 0.271kg