• Compact dimensions allow easy transportation
  • Go-To' control locates any one of 272,000 celestial objects
  • Complete with lenses , eyepieces, tripod and finder scope
  • Computer controlled telescope with automated location system
  • Includes moon filter to relieve brightness when viewing moon for extended periods

Designed to give magnifications between 18x and 35x this refracting National Geographic Automatic Telescope 70 mm has a built-in computer-controlled mechanism that can find up to 272,000 different objects in the night sky! Once set up, simply punch the desired object into the 'Go-To' hand control and the telescope will swing into action and find it completely automatically. The large 70mm objective lens gives bright and clear images that have low levels of distortion. Users will be able to see numerous craters on the moon, the cloud belts on Jupiter and even Saturn's rings.
Setting up is made easy with a robust mount on the tripod (supplied). There's also a compass and spirit level to make the process even easier. The 70/350 is so compact that it can be easily transported and set up in remote locations. Additionally, it comes with a specialised computer programme which, when viewed on a laptop or PC, gives an amazing 3D view of the stars and allows the user to identify up to one million items of interest in real-time.
Equipped with two different eyepieces, the user can choose magnification levels from 18x to 30x and the moon filter (supplied) reduces eye strain when studying bright objects in the night sky, especially the moon.
Designed to give years of faithful service, the National Geographic 70 /350 telescope has a two-year warranty which can be extended to FIVE YEARS, simply by registering the purchase on-line.
Form FactorFreestanding
Pack QuantityTotal 1 Piece(s)
Optical Tube
Focal Length350mm
Magnification of EyepiecesEyepiece 1: 18x Eyepiece 2: 88x