• Lithium-ion Battery
  • Power Tool Battery for Dewalt
  • 100% compatible
  • No memory effect
  • Output Voltage 18V, DC Capacity 4000mAh

The Nedis 4000maH 18V/20V Lithium Ion Replacement Power Tool Battery for Dewalt lets you replace your power tool battery and have full power again for just a fraction of the cost of a branded battery.

Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect and continue to provide full power until they are empty.

And, because of the high stock rotation, fresh cells are guaranteed - which benefits the life of your battery.

Output Voltage 18V DC
Capacity 4000mAh

Suitable for model and series: DCD740 series, DCD771 series, DCD790 series, DCD791 series, DCD795 series, DCD796 series, DCD990 series, DCD991 series, DCD995 series, DCD996 series, DCF620 series, DCF622 series, DCF880 series, DCF885 series, DCF886 series, DCF887 series, DCF889 series, DCF895 series, DCF899 series, DCG405 series, DCD776, DCD785, DCG406, DCG412 series, DCG426, DCGG57, DCH133, DCH254, DCH273 series, DCH274, DCH275, DCH283 series, DCJ069 series, DCK250, DCK252, DCK253, DCK254, DCK255, DCK256, DCK259, DCK262, DCK263, DCK266, DCK271, DCK594, DCK892, DCL040, DCL043, DCL050, DCL060, DCM562 series, DCN660 series, DCN692 series, DCN695, DCP580 series, DCR006, DCR016, DCR019, DCR020, DCS331 series, DCS350, DCS355 series, DCS365, DCS367 series, DCS371 series, DCS373 series, DCS380, DCS387 series, DCS391 series, DCV582

Replacement code: DCB180, DCB181, DCB200, DCB201