• Key Safe
  • Combination Code Lock
  • 4 wheels, with 10 digits to choose from - enables 9999 unique combinations
  • Aluminium alloy - strong and durable
  • Plastic dust cover - for outdoor use

This Nedis Key Safe with Combination Code Lock is an easy and reliable way to provide others access to your property.

With the key stored inside the safe, various people can use the gate or door without the need for spare keys or having to leave the key under the doormat - perfect for self check-ins. If necessary, just change the 4-digit code; with the option of 9999 unique combinations, there’s no need to worry about the code being cracked.

A dust cover provides proper protection against bad weather and dirt.

You can either fasten the key safe to a wall with the included mounting materials or make use of its portability to use the key safe in various indoor and outdoor situations.

Inner Dimensions: 30x65x90mm