• Use alongside the Netatmo Thermostat (not included) to control your radiators with your phone
  • Wirelessly connect to your home Wi-Fi router
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo
  • Set a temperature for your radiator
  • Replaces existing thermostatic valves
  • Runs off two AA batteries (included)
  • Save money by only heating the rooms you want when you want

"Alexa, increase the temperature in the living room"
Thanks to the new Amazon Alexa skill from Netatmo, your Amazon Echo can help control the heating of the house. All you need to do is ask Alexa to change the temperature in any room equipped with Netatmo Valves “Alexa, set the bathroom temperature to 23 degrees”, increase and decrease it "Alexa, increase the living room temperature” and even ask what the temperature of the house is “Alexa, what is the temperature in the baby’s room?”. By simply asking Alexa, you can improve your comfort at home without lifting a finger.

What can I use the Netatmo Smart Valve for?
Control your radiator from your phone or tablet with this Wi-Fi Thermostatic Radiator Valve. The wireless TRV attaches directly to your radiator, then connects to your existing Wi-Fi router via the Netatmo thermostat (sold separately). The TRV controls a radiator directly, allowing you to set different temperatures in different room no matter where you are. Set the TRV to manual, automatic or off to monitor the temperature and adjust the heat of your radiator when you want it. This way, you can save money by only heating your house when and where you want.

How does the TRV work?
The TRV works off two AA batteries, so you can place it anywhere without having to worry about power. Simply replace the existing TRVs and screw on the radiator with the Netatmo TRV. There are five adapters for different fixings to accommodate a wide range of radiators. With this system, you can expand and control your entire house’s heating from the comfort of your phone. You can even check the temperature history in each room.

How can I control my TRV?
Connect to your thermostat and TRV through the Netatmo App and change your heating wherever you are. The app is available for Android and iOS. Monitor your home temperature wherever you are and record for long term tracking. You can also see how much energy you consume with easy to follow graphs.


Form FactorThermostat
Pack QuantityTotal 1 Piece(s)
In The BoxNetatmo Smart Radiator Valve 6 x radiator adaptors 4 x colour adhesives 2 x AA batteries
Dimensions8cm (W) x 5.8cm (D)