• 100m wireless connection between the valve and relay
  • Encrypted communication protocol
  • e-Paper screen: continuous display of the temperature
  • Can be placed either vertically or horizontally
  • 2 temperature sensors - no need for additional sensors in the room

A true accessory to the Smart Thermostat and The Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves - pack for district heating, the Netatmo Additional Smart Radiator Valve (Single) allows you to control your home temperature even more accurately. Decide on the temperature of each room according to your needs! It's up to you to choose between two heating modes: Comfort Priority, which gives the Radiator Valve the authorization to heat certain parts to a temperature higher than that of the Thermostat; or the Priority Eco, which orders them on the contrary to limit the temperature. For even more savings, Smart Radiator Valves are equipped with Open Window Detection that automatically switch radiators off in rooms where windows are open. You can track and optimise your energy usage. Access your data history - indoor temperatures, heating schedule, boiler activity phases - and receive a personalised Energy Savings Report every month. A   change of plan? Control your Smart Radiator Valves from a distance via your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can also set it manually. Thanks to Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, you can control your heating with your voice. Good news, your smart heating system can control up to 20 Radiator Valves. Program the temperature of each room depending on use and time of day. It takes less than 20 minutes to install or replace each Smart Radiator Valve, even with the heating on. Our step-by-step guides and videos walk you through the process.