• Storage: MicroSD / Cloud storage
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit / Apple Homekit Secure Video/ Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant
  • Built-in smart lighting system for even greater efficiency
  • Deter intruders with 105-dB alarm
  • Alert-Zones feature to receive immediate notifications on your smartphone

Adapted notifications: enjoy peace of mind in real time

The Netatmo Presence Outdoor Wireless Full HD Night-Vision Security Camera with Siren protects your home and offers you peace of mind. When it detects an unknown person or vehicle on your property, it immediately sends a notification to your smartphone. Your Smart Camera can distinguish between people, animals, cars and harmless movements. You can take action as soon as you receive an alert.

Deter intruders with a 105-dB alarm.

Prevent burglaries with your Smart Outdoor Camera and its built-in siren. When a person or vehicle enters your property, you will immediately receive an alert and a video on your smartphone. Is it an intruder? Deter them by triggering the siren and its deafening 105-dB alarm directly from your app. 

No more false alarms

Set up your Outdoor Camera to receive only useful alerts. Use the Alert-Zones feature to define the areas you want to monitor and the type of intrusion you want to know about. People, vehicles, animals? Set your preferences as you see fit.  

Camera equipped with a smart lighting system 

Your Outdoor Camera is equipped with a built-in smart lighting system. During an alert, a floodlight is activated to help deter intruders. Choose manual activation using the app or automatic switch-on. The system can also light your path at night. 

Access to all features, and no subscription necessary 

No ties! Videos and their storage along with all camera-related features are fully accessible without subscription. App upgrades and additions are free and will stay that way. 

Fully secured data

With Netatmo, your data is always secure. Opt for local video storage on a microSD card using high-security encryption combined, if you wish, with automatic backup to the cloud via Dropbox or your FTP server. 

Keep in touch with home

 Keep in touch with home while you’re away. Images captured by your Netatmo Outdoor Camera are accessible 24/7 via the app. Even more reassuringly, your Outdoor Camera is equipped with infrared vision, so it works equally well at night.  

Voice command and integration with other connected devices

Your Outdoor Camera has hidden talents! If you’re comfortable with technology, create scenarios with other smart devices via Apple HomeKit, and use voice control to take advantage of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. 

Quick to install 

Your Outdoor Camera is easy to install. Replace an existing light or select a strategic location to monitor your home. Then connect it to your Wi-Fi to control it remotely and enjoy all its features!  

Long-lasting equipment 

Designed to last! Your Netatmo Outdoor Camera will stand the test of time. Made of highly resistant UV-protected aluminum, glass and plastic, and compliant with HZO weatherproofing standards, your camera withstands the elements.