• 85-decibel alarm sounds if smoke is detected
  • Real-time smartphone notification
  • 10-year* battery lasts the lifetime of your Smoke Alarm
  • Self-Test feature: regular checks of the Smoke Alarm’s state
  • Quick and easy to install

The smoke detector that alerts you wherever you are 

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm lets you know in real time if it detects smoke in your home. If you’re at home, the 85-decibel alarm goes off just like a conventional smoke alarm. If you’re away, it instantly sends a notification to your smartphone. Take immediate action, wherever you are.


A decade of serenity thanks to a 10-year battery  

Smoke alarms last a maximum of 10 years. The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm is equipped with a unique 10-year* battery. It’s so practical. You never have to replace the batteries, and when you receive a low-battery alert you know it’s time to replace your smoke alarm.   

The smoke alarm that tests itself  

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm checks itself to make sure it is working correctly. The Self-Test feature monitors the smoke sensor, battery, and Wi-Fi connection. Low battery? Connection error? The Smoke Alarm immediately sends a notification to your smartphone. Still not sure? Check the self-test reports at any time via the app. 

Fast installation 

Install the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm in minutes without an electrical connection. All you need are the tools to screw it to the ceiling in the spot of your choice. Then download the Netatmo Security app to connect the Smoke Alarm to your Wi-Fi and take advantage of its many features.  

Disable the alarm using your smartphone 

Did you burn dinner and set off the alarm? No need to rush to shut it off from the ceiling. You simply use your smartphone to stop the alarm and give yourself 15 minutes to clear the smoke. If your smartphone is out of reach, the alarm can also be switched off manually from the smoke detector.  

Set an automatic reminder to test the alarm 

Use the Alarm Test feature to check the alarm is working well. Nothing could be simpler! Start the test via your smartphone or by pressing the Smart Smoke Alarm. We recommend you test it at least once a year. If you think you might forget, the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm even has an Alarm Test Reminder feature. Use the app to select how often you want to receive a reminder, and get a timely alert via your smartphone. 

The guarantee of top-quality labels  

The least you can expect from a smoke alarm is reliability. That's why the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm has been designed with such care. It is CE certified in compliance with European regulations. It is also NF certified - a label only awarded to products that meet the highest safety standards.  

No hidden costs, no need for extra equipment  

Once you’ve paid for your smoke alarm, that's it! The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm operates in standalone mode. You don’t need to buy a smart home hub or take out a subscription: the Netatmo Smoke Alarm works perfectly well all on its own.  

Create links with other connected devices  

The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm is compatible with HomeKit and IFTTT. So, if you have other connected devices, you can set up communication links around the home. For example, when your alarm detects smoke, it can warn everyone by switching on all the lights in your house! 

*Life span for typical use. The battery’s life span may vary based on the use of the Smart Smoke Alarm. For further information, please go to: https://netatmo.com/usage/nsd"