Measure wind speed, direction and precise temperature
Petite modern design with a sleek black finish so it doesnt look out of place or draw attention
Receive data up to 100m away from both modules
Wind gauge that wirelessly transmits data to your smartphone or tablet
Mount the module outside and off the ground to get the most accurate data
Compatible with Apple iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and PCs via the Netatmo Weather Station app
Mount the module outside and off the ground to get the most accurate data


How does this wind gauge work?
The wind gauge is equipped with ultrasound technology, which can accurately measure wind speed and direction. When wind passes through the middle parting of the wind gauge, the four built-in ultrasonic transducers produce continuous signals. These signals are used to reliably make up the data.

What data can I collect with this wind gauge?
Using the Netatmo Weather Station app, you can decide how you want to view the data from the wind gauge or be alerted when the wind reaches a certain speed. The data from the wind gauge can also calculate a precise temperature.

What advantage do I have connecting it to my smart device?
You can connect your smartphone or tablet to your Netatmo weather station and wind gauge module via the downloadable Netatmo Weather Station app. Here you can view graphs filled with data the wind gauge has produced, identify trends and weather patterns, and also find out what the weather is like outside without having to look or go outside.


Certification(s)FCC CE
Battery SizeAA
Battery Quantity4
Form FactorWind Gauge
Case ColourBlack
In The BoxWind Gauge 4 x AA batteries
Dimensions8.5cm (W) x 8.5cm (D) x 11cm (H)