• Digital PIR motion sensor
  • Flashing warning LED
  • Dusk/dawn sensor
  • Ultra-bright LEDs
  • Discreet design

Low profile NightSabre 1400 Lumen PIR Outdoor Security Strip Light delivers the very latest in high brightness LED technology in a sleek and discreet weatherproof form. At only 32mm high these beautifully crafted aluminium devices can fit under a windowsill, above a door or under the eaves of a roof. Capable of detecting human movement up to 9m away, once triggered 1400 lumens illuminates a wide area with a bright even beam. As an additional deterrent, there is a flashing red LED warning light to indicate the presence of an active security device. An integrated photocell ensures the lights operate only after dusk. The light is powered by a plug-in power supply (included) and the power lead can be easily routed through a window opening or through a small hole in the wall or eaves. Installation is quick and simple and there is no

need for any adjustments or maintenance. Night Sabres are guaranteed for 2 years. Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED units lowers greenhouse gas emissions and saves electricity? the LEDs will last 10-20 years depending on use, so there is a very low total cost of ownership.