• Scales feature body composition measurements & analysis
  • Water & bottle UV sterilization
  • Personal profile & goal achievement tracking
  • Scales sync to Apple Health & Google Fit
  • Compatible with iOS 12 & Android 6.0 or above

The Noerden Smart Health Bundle (MINIMI Smart Scales with 9 Biometrics & LIZ Smart Bottle 480ml) includes an insulated 316 stainless steel smart bottle with built-in UV sterilization*, hydration reminders and a temperature range indicator for a healthier, more hydrated life, along with the Mini Smart Body Scale with Bluetooth connection to analyze body composition through 9 detailed biometrics. A true health companion, MINIMI provides advice in the App to help you improve!

The Noerden Liz Smart Water Bottle (480ml) is the next-gen self-cleaning smart bottle with UV sterilization.

Water & Bottle UV Sterilisation 

Thanks to its built-in sterilization system with UV-C light, LIZ destroys 99.9% of harmful viruses and odour-causing bacteria by breaking down their DNA in under 5 minutes. Simply tap the lid twice: it will sterilize the bottle if empty or the water it contains, as well as eliminate a bad smell.

Hydration Reminders

Every 2h, LIZ’s smart lid blinks to remind you to hydrate. Drink 3-4 480mL LIZ bottles to make sure you get the optimum 1.5-2L daily intake.

12-24h Hot & Cold Insulation 

Thanks to its stainless steel body, LIZ is insulated to keep your favourite beverage hot or cold for up to 12 to 24h.

Temperature Range Indicator 

Are you tired of burning your tongue or drinking stale cold coffee? Simply tap the lid once to check the temperature range: the LED light will blink in the corresponding colour (blue for cold, yellow for warm, and red for hot).

Automatic Protection 

If the lid is opened during the sterilization process, the bottle will automatically turn on safe mode to prevent ultraviolet (UV) rays from causing you any harm.

Low Battery Reminder

 When the battery power is below 5%, if you touch the lid, a red light will flash rapidly. This indicates the battery is low, it’s time to charge your LIZ!

The iOS app helps you to track your daily water intake and offers you digital reminders, as well as providing metrics for Apple Health. It's compatible with both Japanese and Buddhist calendar, and works with the latest iOS14 versions.

The Noerden MINIMI Smart Body Scales with Bluetooth connection for detailed body composition analysis.

App analysis to achieve your goal

Wireless digital scale, not only to display your weight but also to synchronize the data with your NOERDEN app: The latest Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology measures your biometrics with 4 precision sensors. MINIMI automatically synchronizes with the application for detailed body composition analysis with comprehensive data reports and trends with clear graphs.

9 biometrics to understand your body

See-through yourself: MINIMI comes with 14 measurements to clearly understand your body: Body Score, Weight, BMI, BMR, Fat Mass (% & kg), Lean Body Mass (% & kg), Hydration (% & kg), Visceral Fat, Bone Mass (% & kg) and even your Metabolic Age! Analyze and achieve your goals with this smart scale: Weight isn't the only factor you need to focus on. From what we eat to how often we hydrate to how we exercise; it's all connected. MINIMI helps you embrace a healthy lifestyle and focus on accomplishing your goals.

Compact size

Smaller and lighter than a laptop, MINIMI will fit your interior with style and discretion.

Smart Functions:

- Body composition measurement and analysis

- 14 measurements : Body Score, Weight, BMI, BMR, Fat Mass (% & kg), Lean Body Mass (% & kg), Hydration (% & kg), Visceral Fat, Bone Mass (% & kg) and Metabolic Age

- Unlimited Users

Your data in one app

App: iPhone 6 - iOS 12.0 & Android 6.0 or above

Personal profile and goal completion tracking, data tracking, trend graphics and history.

MINIMI in the App 

✓Personal profile 

✓Overview data page

✓ Unlock badges when reaching objectives

Easy to Read & Understand 

✓ Body analysis graph & body score

✓ Biometric explanations & advice

✓ Body analysis reminders

Follow your Evolution

✓ Data tracking, trends & graphics

✓ Goal achievement tracking

A Smart Scale for Everyone

Easy to use 

Worried about not understanding the data? We’ve got you covered – you will find simple explanations and advice in the app for each biometric.

Athlete mode

MINIMI can be used for any body type. If you work out more than 7 hours a week, enable Athlete mode to get a personalized algorithm for more accurate results. 

Unlimited users

Usable by all your household members, everyone can share and use MINIMI by simply downloading the app and creating a free account!