• Ports: USB-A x 2 / USB-C / 100W AC / 150W DC
  • 38,400 mAh
  • Provides up to 20 full charges
  • Bi-directional 60W USB-C port
  • Interchangeable battery system

The Omnicharge Ultimate 38,400mAh Portable Power Bank provides a charging experience unlike any other. Taking the best from all Omnicharge products, the Omni Ultimate brings you an unparalleled feature set and a capacity that can charge all your portable  devices.

- With a full-size built-in wall outlet, the Omni Ultimate power bank offers a flexible power solution for any situation. The top of the line power output is capable of powering everything from laptops to cameras, drones, and more, giving you reliable power no matter where you are.
The Omni Ultimate offers the industry’s first removable battery. This portable 120-230v power pack’s innovative interchangeable battery system allows you to replace the batteries once they are depleted — and these are already high-capacity batteries. This removable battery feature combines with the spare battery charging module that allows you to recharge your spare battery outside of the Omni Ultimate to provide complete charging convenience and capacity
- With its 150W high-powered adjustable DC Port, the Omni Ultimate power bank sets a new industry standard for DC output. Providing you with an adjustable voltage and amperage, the Omni Ultimate ensures a tailored charging experience.
- The Omni Ultimate now brings you one step closer to a world where a single port can be used to charge laptops, tablets, gaming devices, and more. Providing top-of-the-line power output, you can power all your USB-C laptops including the latest 15” MacBook Pro
- 2x QC 3.0 USB-A ports up to 18W output

An OLED screen provides smart power readings so you can take better control of any device’s power levels, knowing what you need to stay powered throughout the day. Includes configurable menu, battery temperature, power draw, battery status.