• Learnable / copy any function of your original remote control
  • Controls multiple devices types at the same time
  • Device mode indicator
  • Freeview / TNT / TDT / DTT
  • Satellite/Cable/DVB-T/IPTV receiver
  • Optimised keypad for control of smart televisions.
  • Ultra wide angle
  • Control your TV and Set Top Box (Cable/Satellite/DVB-T) with just 1 remote.
  • Smart activity 'Watch TV'
  • 3 seconds to setup your remote

Control your TV and Cable/Satellite/DVB-T/Freeview box with just one remote. The pre-programmed activity 'Watch TV' helps you to control both devices without switching between devices (volume goes to TV, channels go to the box). The One For All Evolve 2-in-1 Remote Control is optimised to work with Smart TVs and is guaranteed to work all brands. The convenient Watch TV activity offers seamless control of your TV and Set-Top Box without changing between device types. E.g. channel keys operate Set Top Box, volume keys operate the TV.