3Doodler ABS 3mm Filament 25 Pack – ‘Essentials’ Mix

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Product overview

• ABS ‘Essentials’ mixed 3Doodler filament pack – containing ‘Black Belt Black’, ‘Riding Hood Red’, ‘Sunnyside Yellow’, ‘EverGreen’ and ‘Grand Bleu’
• 3mm diameter filament for the 3Doodler
• ABS is a strong and flexible plastic for a more robust doodle
• Comes as a 25 piece pack of filament – 5 strands of each colour

What can I doodle with this colour?

Get your bases covered with all the primary colours. This ‘Essentials’ (AB-MIX1) mix pack is a great mix of bold colours with ‘Black Belt Black’, ‘Riding Hood Red’, ‘Sunnyside Yellow’, ‘EverGreen’ and ‘Grand Bleu’. Whether it’s a double decker bus or a fairy tale forest, your design will really stand out with these great colours. Compatible with the 3Doodler this filament is 3mm diameter ABS for a strong and flexible doodle.

What’s in this pack?

The pack comes as 25 strands, 5 in each colour, 254mm (10 inch) long. For every inch of strand the 3Doodler can produce up to 10 inches of doodle. The 3Doodler is compatible with both ABS and PLA filament.

ABS is a strong plastic that can bend and flex to create a more durable doodle. This plastic is great for drawing upwards and creating freestanding doodles from a template as it peels off surfaces easier than PLA. ABS is also more resistant to heat and there is a decreased chance of it drooping or warping.

If you are looking to attach your doodle to a surface, PLA has better adhesion to a range of surfaces including paper, glass, metal and acrylic. It’s also great for adding additional effects to your doodle such as translucent sections.

Storing my filament when not in use

All filaments work better when they are stored in a dry and dust free environment. Moisture can create problems with printing and reduce the lifespan of the filament. To protect your filament it is best to store it in a sealed container or bag with an added sachet of silica gel to ensure when you come to use or reuse it, you’ll have the best quality doodle every time. When reusing a strand, trim off the part melted tips to improve the feed.

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Plastic material type ABS
Colour Black Belt Black
Riding Hood Red
Sunnyside Yellow
Grand Bleu
Diameter 3 mm
Filament Length: 254 mm
Process temperature 225 °C – 250 °C (High)
Pack size 25 strands