3Doodler PLA 3mm Filament 25 Pack – ‘Boogie Nights’ Mix

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About this product


Product overview

• A PLA ‘boogie nights’ mixed 3Doodler filament pack – containing ‘island blue’, ‘OJ orange’, ‘pink flamingo’, ‘clearly yellow’ and ‘glow in the dark’
• 3mm diameter filament for the 3Doodler
• PLA is a biodegradable plastic that is easy to print with and has a variety of finishes
• Comes as a 25-piece pack of filament with five strands of each colour
• Compatible with the 3Doodler 2.0, V1 and Create 3D Printing Pens

What can I make with this filament?
Add some flair to your doodles with this bold pack. Make a statement with the bright ‘island blue’, ‘OJ orange’ and ‘pink flamingo’, highlight with the translucent ‘clearly yellow’ and add a little bit of an extra using the ‘glow in the dark’ filament so you can always see your design. The ‘Boogie Night’ (PL-MIX13) pack comes with five strands of each of these colours. The 3mm diameter PLA filament is compatible with your 3Doodler, so grab a pack and see what amazing things you can create. These colours are available separately if you need more to finish your design.

What’s in this pack?
This 25 strand pack comes with five strands of each colour at 254mm (10 inch) long. For every inch of filament strand, the 3Doodler can produce up to 10 inches of doodle. The 3Doodler is compatible with both ABS and PLA filaments.

PLA is a bio-degradable made from renewable sources like sugar. The plastic has a lower melting point than alternatives and when heated it gives off a semi-sweet smell. Available in a variety of fun colours, PLA comes in glossy, metallic, translucent and glow in the dark variants for additional effects. PLA easily sticks to a variety of surfaces including glass, metal and acrylic. It is also much better for drawing acute angles.

There are other types of filament available too. If you’re looking to use or store your doodle in warmer areas, please note that the alternative ABS has a reduced chance of warping at higher temperatures. ABS can also give more flexibility to a doodle.
For a bendable creation, FLEXY is the filament for you. With its stretchable properties, you can make a design that you can squeeze, stretch, twist and bend. This is especially useful if you want to attach your doodle to fabric.

Storing your filament when not in use
Get the most out of your filament by storing it in a dry and dust-free environment. To get the best quality doodle every time, store your filament in a sealed container or bag with an added sachet of silica gel – as moisture can create problems with printing and reduce the lifespan of the filament. It’s easy to reuse the filament strands – just trim off the part-melted end for a better feed and get start creating all over again.




3Doodler 2.0

Product Specification

Print Temperature:

190-240 ° C°

Dimensions & Weight

Filament Diameter:


Filament Length:


Product Specifications

Pack Size:

25 strands



3D Printer Filament


Filament Type:



Island Blue
OJ Orange
Pink Flamingo
Clearly Yellow and Glow in the Dark