6 Channel Mixer Amplifier with USB (Used)

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Product overview

• Six channel amplified mixer with six XLR, four mono 6.35mm and two stereo 6.35mm sockets allowing you to run passive speakers without the need for a separate amplifier
• USB input allowing you to play music through a memory stick
• Two-way tone control and gain control on each channel
• Two 6.35mm output sockets to connect straight to your passive speakers
• Adjustable digital reverb and effect way
• Phantom power through the XLR sockets allow you to power condenser microphones
• Five-band graphic equaliser allows you to filter the frequencies as they pass through

What can I plug into this mixer?
This mixer comes with a variety of connections for you to plug your musical devices and microphones into. You are able to plug dynamic, condenser, and wireless microphones into any of the channels as well has having two stereo channel inputs for keyboards, drum machines and other instruments. Added to this, you have two 6.35mm outputs that can be used to send audio from your mixer to a set of passive speakers.

What power does this amplified mixer output?
This amplified mixer has a peak output of 240W (4ohm) and has RMS ratings of 160W (4ohm) and 110W (8ohm). This gives you an entry level amplifier with a mixer built-in for small pub gatherings or even home use for parties.

What exactly does the graphic equaliser do?
In the graphic equaliser, the input signal is sent to a bank of filters. Each filter passes the portion of the signal present in its own frequency range or band. The amplitude passed by each filter is adjusted using a slide control to boost or cut frequency components passed by that filter. The vertical position of each slider thus indicates the gain applied at that frequency band, so that the knobs resemble a graph of the equaliser's response plotted versus frequency.


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