Acton R5 Electric Rocketskates Blue

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About this product


Product overview

• Run for up to 90 minutes (approximately 5 miles) on a single charge
• Three speed settings - beginner, normal and pro
• In-built Bluetooth that works with an app to track remaining battery life, distanced travelled and more
• Fully recharged in just two and a half hours
• Speed along at up to 7mph
• Loads of fun for anyone weighing up to 81kg
Please note: Rocketskates riders do so at their own risk, and we encourage responsible safe riding at all times. It is recommended that safety equipment is worn including a correctly fitted cycle helmet which is securely fastened and conforms with current regulations. Rocketskates products are only permitted for use on private land with permission

How much fun can I have with the Rocketskates?
The Rocketskates are electronic powered skates which clip over your shoes, with pressure switches in the heel for speed control and braking. Super agile and great fun they’ll propel you along at up to 7mph. The skates look identical but are split into a lead skate and a follower skate. The strap buckles indicate which is which, the lead skate is marked with a red buckle. The lead skate will set and control the speed, while the follower does just that and matches the speed of the lead skate. We suggest you practice indoors to get the hang of the skates before going outside.

How easy are the Rocketskates to charge?
With their in-built lithium ion battery the Rocketskates are easy to charge from mains and can travel up to ten miles on a full charge. Just plug into the mains with the supplied chargers and with just over two hours of charging the internal rechargeable batteries will be ready to go again. Download the app on your iOS or Android device to track battery level, distance travelled, set your speed and control them remotely through the Bluetooth connection. When you power up your skates with the buttons on the back of the lead skate a blue LED will flash, this means your Bluetooth is active.


For the safety of yourself and the safety of others, please follow these guidelines when using this product:

  • This vehicle must not be used on public highways (roads and pavements)

  • This vehicle must not be used on private property without the consent of the land owner
  • All instructions must be read and understood before allowing a child to operate this vehicle

  • Protective equipment should be worn at all times while operating this vehicle

  • Children should be under the supervision of a responsible adult while operating this vehicle


Weight 3.5 kg (each skate)
Length 208 mm
Width 215 mm
Height 250 mm
Electronic features Movement & Bluetooth
Max weight of user 81 kg
Max speed 7 mph
Colour Blue
Recommended ages 16+
Remote control Yes (with app)
Battery type Lithium Ion
Max run time up to 90 minutes (approx. 5 miles)
Recharge time 2.5 hours