Assist 30 Day Unlimited CCTV Remote Support Package

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About this product


  • 30-day unlimited remote support for your CCTV is just a phone call away
  • Remote technical support
  • On-demand tutorials

Product overview

• 30-day unlimited remote support for your CCTV is just a phone call away
• Remote technical support
• On-demand tutorials
• To purchase this service, please call us on 0333 400 9500
• Configuration of a CCTV device
• Set-up of up to five smart devices
• Router configuration

The support you need, unlimited for 30 days
The CCTV Remote Support Package offers you exactly the help you need, whether that be remote set-up of your CCTV device, support for your Maplin supplied CCTV device or on-demand tutorials. The package covers up to 30 days of unlimited remote set-ups and support of your CCTV kit including setting up your router or network configuration, as well as many of your CCTV features such as motion detection and email alerts, as well as set-up of up to five smart devices, including mobile phones and tablets, which will allow you to view and control your compatible security system remotely.

More than just a set-up service
The support doesn’t stop there, you not only get dedicated support throughout the set-up stage of your CCTV purchase, but for the duration of the service you will be able to receive remote technical assistance with anything from changing your email alert settings, to footage back up, from setting up motion detection to setting up DDNS, and from setting up schedules to setting up holiday or covert modes. Nothing is outsourced, and our dedicated technical team are accredited for the CCTV devices that we sell. The Maplin Technical Team have a vast knowledge on all of our CCTV devices and are in the best possible position to help you with your enquiry.

On-demand tutorials
The Maplin Assist Package is not just for product support; we are here to support you too. If you would rather learn how to do something than have someone do it for you, then you can take advantage of our tutorial service. Have one of our dedicated experts talk you through the process, or take control of your PC or Mac and show you the process, so that you can see on screen step-by-step what is being done, so that next time you can do it yourself, and should you get stuck, you can always call and get clarification.

Support when you need it
We offer an on-demand service, which means you can call and book an appointment, at a time that suits you, from the date of purchase of your Assist package. Simply call our Customer Service Team, and quote your receipt number. We will then book you a 60-minute appointment slot at a time that is convenient for you. Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 8pm, Saturday between 10am and 4pm and Sunday between 10am and 3pm. We guarantee that the on-demand support appointments will not exceed a three day waiting time, and they are normally booked for the following day.

What you will need
You do not need to purchase the Assist package at the same time as your CCTV kit, DVR or standalone IP camera, but it will need to be a CCTV device that you have purchased from Maplin. You will need your Maplin Reference number, which can be found on your printed receipt or email confirmation that will have been sent to the email address you provided. You will need to have access to computer with an internet connection. You’ll also need the password for your router, which is normally found either on the router itself, or on a card that you will have received with your router, and your passwords for your CCTV device.


Service CCTV Remote Support Package
Subscription Level 30 Day Unlimited
Contact number UK 0333 400 9500
Contact number ROI 01-878 2800
Opening Hours Monday – Friday 8.30am to 8 pm
Saturday 9am to 5pm
Sunday 10am to 4pm
Services Offered Remote set-ups for a Maplin supplied CCTV device
Technical support
Network configuration
Router configuration
Motion detection and email alert set-up
Set-up of 5 smart devices to allow remote viewing/control of your CCTV device
Remote assistance
Changing alert settings
Footage back up
Remote tutorial sessions
Exclusions Multiple CCTV device set-ups
On-site visits
Setups in households without internet connected PC, Laptop or Mac
Non-standard home networks (e.g multiple routers, switches or gateways)
Systems using counterfeit or pirated software
CCTV devices not purchased from Maplin
Other non-configured 3rd party hardware (e.g 3rd party powerline adapters not working at time of appointment)