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Bare Conductive Touch Board Microcontroller


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About this product


  • Microcontroller board compatible with Arduino Programming Platform
  • Precision touch and distance sensing to bring everyday objects to life
  • 12 electrodes to trigger sound

Product overview

  • Microcontroller board compatible with Arduino Programming Platform
  • Precision touch and distance sensing to bring everyday objects to life
  • 12 electrodes to trigger sound
  • Pre-programmed as a touch-sensitive MP3 player
  • Easily programmable as a MIDI instrument or MIDI interface
  • Arduino Leonardo pin layout supporting Arduino shields
  • Works great with electric paint as a conductive adhesive or circuit maker
  • Create graphic sensors for interactive walls, matching images and motion to sound

Turn anything into a sensor
The Touch Board is a microcontroller from Bare Conductive, which makes your electronic projects interact with the world around you. The Touch Board has 12 electrodes, allowing you to trigger sound through its MP3 player. The number of projects you can create with the Touch Board is limitless. However, if you’re in need of inspiration, then the board comes pre-programmed with an audio guide to take you through its features and the basics to get you started. You can use your Touch Board to create security measures for your home. You can connect it to painted circuits to create interactive wallpaper, enhancing the noise and fun of story-time for your kids. The Touch Board can be easily programmed to an instrument of your choice like a drumkit or a mini piano.

Precision touch and distance sensing
Bare Conductive are making electronic projects as hands on as possible. The Touch Board is central to this innovative idea. With capacitive touch and distance sensing, the Touch Board is triggered by your physical interactions. The proximity detection of the Touch Board can be determined through the Arduino IDE Proximity Demo. You will be able to trigger audio as well as other outputs without even touching a board connection. If you want to determine if your pet is in the house or not, you can program and position your Touch Board next to the cat flap and the proximity sensor will trigger sound to alert you of your furry friend’s comings and goings.

Works great with Electric Paint
The Touch Board is highly versatile, and an ideal board for new makers as well as seasoned hobbyists. When it comes to connecting your board to ordinary objects, the use of wired circuits and soldering are more common. If you want to avoid wires and soldering irons, then the Bare Conductive Electric Paint is for you (Code: A12YH). This paint is electronically conductive, allowing you to paint and draw circuits and sensors. Electric Paint works perfectly with Touch Board, and you can get started with simple but impressive projects following the guides on the Bare Conductive blog.

Pre-programmed MP3 player
Bare Conductive has loaded every Touch Board with an Audio Guide on the Micro SD card; the guide takes you through the exciting features the Touch Board offers. Once you’ve learnt how the audio outputs works, you can choose your own sounds to be triggered by individual electrodes. These sounds can be anything you can imagine, whether you want to create a unique instrument with string and woodwind sounds, trigger your own voice to read out warnings or instructions, or even play snippets of your favourite songs. Changing the sounds located to the twelve electrodes to sounds of your choice is easy to do through the Online Audio Converter. Once you rename your audio files with the correct naming conventions, you’ll need to replace the MicroSD into the Touch Board and restart it. The last step is to simply touch an electrode with audio assigned, and you’ll hear it play.

Arduino programmable
Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the free software you need to use and hack example codes and make your own code with Touch Board. TheBare Conductive Make Website offers a step-by-step guide for those who are less familiar with Arduino. Once this software is installed, you can tune and change the distance sensing, MP3 volume, or program a MIDI controller. If you choose to program your Touch Board into a MIDI controller, you can then turn any surface or space into one too. Once your Touch Board is Arduino-ready, the variety of projects you can try is endless.



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20 pin

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