Devolo dLAN 550 WiFi Powerline Starter Kit

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About this product


  • Up to 500Mbps transfer speed between the plugs*
  • Extend the network coverage in your home for an uninterrupted connection
  • Easy to install – simply plug in, pair up and enjoy wider network coverage

Product overview

• Up to 500Mbps transfer speed between the plugs*
• Extend the network coverage in your home for an uninterrupted connection
• Easy to install – simply plug in, pair up and enjoy wider network coverage
• Pairing button allows you to easily connect this kit to your router and add additional powerline plugs
• Wi-Fi extension included at up to N300 speeds for improving your overall wireless network
• Protect your data with 128-bit AES encryption built into the powerline plugs
• Maximum range of up to 400m between the powerline adapters
• One dLAN 550 duo+ base unit and a dLAN 550 Wi-Fi plug included to get you started
• Two network ports on the base unit and one on the Wi-Fi plug lets you connect directly to your network via a wired connection
• Manufacturer part number: 9633

Special Features
• Pass-through socket included for you to plug an additional device into the power socket so you don’t lose one
• Wi-Fi clone (WPS button) button lets you add the Wi-Fi plugs to your current wireless network

*Actual data will vary due to the network conditions and environmental factors

Is this powerline kit right for me?
Bring the internet into any corner of your home using your very own household power circuit with this powerline kit. Included in this kit is one dLAN 550 duo+, which is the base unit, and a dLAN 550 Wi-Fi plug, which you can plug into a socket to eliminate weak Wi-Fi problems. Using Devolo’s range+ technology, all three wires in the electrical circuit are used to provide transfer speeds of up to 500Mbps between the plugs. The Wi-Fi plug is compact and has an Ethernet port, allowing you to plug devices such as a smart TV or gaming console to your network, without the need of a long Ethernet cable. The kit is plug and play to make setup quick and simple.

What is the Wi-Fi like?
The two integrated antennas in the Wi-Fi plug provides you with wireless transfer speeds of up to 300Mbps, although this is dependent on signal strength and obstacles such as walls. You’ll also achieve seamless coverage by plugging each of the adapters on different storeys. Through ‘WiFi Move’ technology, multiple Wi-Fi adapters will be connected to a single Wi-Fi network – for optimal Wi-Fi reception throughout your home. By pressing the Wi-Fi clone button, you can add the Wi-Fi plug to your existing wireless network and have them use the same password for ease of use.

How could I use this powerline kit?
This powerline kit is designed for one plug to connect directly to your network router while the other is connected to a networked device, wirelessly or through a wired connection. Compatible network devices include laptops, PCs, gaming consoles, smart TVs, network hard drives, media players and CCTV kits. The kit allows your devices to connect directly to the internet without using long network cables. Additional receivers, including receivers that give a wireless signal, are sold separately and can connect additional devices to your router. For the best results, choose a powerline receiver capable of sending up to 500Mbps.

How does powerline work?
Powerline technology transfers data using the electrical wiring of the household. A single powerline plug is connected directly to a router and plugged into a mains socket. This plug then communicates to all other plugs on the same electricity supply. This kit comes with a single powerline plug that connects to a router, and another plug that will connect to your networked device and allow it to communicate with your router over the mains. The powerline adapters will communicate with each other when connected directly to mains sockets on the same fuse board.



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Powerline Starter Kit

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