Drag Race Monorail Starter Kit


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About this product


  • Create two car models and up to 9.4m of track to race on
  • Race and compete to create the fastest racers
  • Learn about electronics and drag

Product overview

• Create two car models and up to 9.4m of track to race on
• Race and compete to create the fastest racers
• Learn about electronics and drag
• With 150 parts, build the track, controller and racers
• Suitable for ages 11+ with adult supervision
• Comes with a mains power supply

How do I race with this kit?
Create an epic drag race with this monorail starter kit. You can see how far one car can go or race two different models. The kit (manufactures code DRR-001) comes with the chassis for two racer it is up to you how the body of your car is constructed. Different designs and materials will give you different racing models - try and see which combinations gives you the best results. A mains powers supply is provided and supplies power to the cars through the track. The kit is designed to be a fun and exciting way to get students into a range of STEM activities.

What challenges can I make?
See how far you can get a single model or race two side by side with this kit including 9.4m of tracking (4.7m for a dual track). The controller provides speed control, kick-start function and automatic acceleration and can be used for competitive racing. The rails can be built up and set out in different layouts - even circular tracks. The vehicles come as a 115mm x 75mm x 33mm chassis which runs on the top of the rails driven by two DC motors whose silicon tipped spindles connect directly to the track moving the car along at high speeds.

What can I learn?
Using a simple friction drive principle the electric vehicles can achieve high speeds and astonishing acceleration from a standing start. The challenge comes from designing the body for your model a streamlined design will reduce drag slowing it down. Building the track, cars and controllers teaches you about the uses of electronic components such as motors and potentiometers.


Product Specifications

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Number Of Included Parts:


Number Of Experiments:


Power Specifications

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Dimensions & Weight







Physics Kit

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Package Contents:

150x Parts to build the track, cars, and controller