Fischertechnik Pneumatic 3 PROFI 8 in 1 Construction Kit

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About this product


Product overview

• Create 8 fun construction models and have fun playing with them
• Build fruit loaders, scissor lifts, trucks with claws and much more with the Fischertechnik interlocking block
• Learn about how pneumatics work
• With 440 parts have fun creating your own models as well as constructing those in the instruction manual
• Suitable for ages 9+
• Runs off one 9V (PP3) battery (sold separately – Order Code L46AL) or the Fischertechnik Accu pack (sold separately – Order Code N14QK)

Special features
• Combine with other Fischertechnik kits to make more models

What can I build?
From lifting claws to moving platforms and doors, this Fischertechnik 516185 pneumatics kit can be used to create multiple moving models. With 440 parts and 8 different models there’s tonnes of fun to be had in constructing and playing with this kit. When you’re comfortable with the pneumatics you can even start creating your own models. The electronics can be powered by a single 9V battery (sold separately – Order Code L46AL) or the Fischertechnik Accu Pack (sold separately – Order Code N14QK.

What does this teach?
Discover pneumatics, which compress air to move objects, in everyday life. Pneumatics are often used to turn a small force, like pressing a foot pedal, into a larger force, like brakes slowing down a car’s wheel. This is the same principle as hydraulics, which use water instead of air, and can be used to demonstrate how both systems work. Ever wonder why a football doesn’t instantly deflate? There is a valve that allows air in but not out. You can use this in pneumatics and hydraulics, and it’s even how your body pumps oxygen around.

What can I do in this range?
The Fischertechnik PROFI range is for the next stage in your building experience. This range focuses on showing you how things work - from pneumatics to electronics, telescopes to wind farms. Hours of enjoyment can be had making these amazing models, and even developing your own working models. By clicking together the six sided connection blocks your creations can expanded in any direction. Designed for children ages 9 and over, it’s the fun way to learn.


Number of included parts 440
Number of models that can be made 8
What can be made? Fruit loaders, hay bale pickers, tree trunk graspers, diggers, trucks with claws and more
Computer system requirements N/A
Age group, if specified 9+
Power supply requirements 9 V (PP3) Battery x 1 (not included)
Dimensions 465 mm x 85 mm x 320 mm