IK Multimedia iRing Music Maker (Grey)


About this product


  • Create nonstop music on the fly with no music knowledge required
  • Uses iRing motion controllers to convert hand movements into control commands
  • Record function lets you record and share performances with your friends

Product overview

• Create nonstop music on the fly with no music knowledge required
• Uses iRing motion controllers to convert hand movements into control commands
• Record function lets you record and share performances with your friends
• Also fully functional from touchscreen
• Comes with 4 song collections, 4 effects, 7 synth and bass sounds and 4 pattern banks, for free
• Select from different music styles like EDM, Dubstep, House & Hip-Hop
• 8 parts groove player with effects, plus synth and bass lines

Rock your hands off!

Nonstop music making for everyone using IK’s revolutionary iRing touch less technology. iRing Music Maker is a free companion app for iRing, the first motion controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It allows you to easily make music and groove on your iOS device by using hand gestures and movements to control the beat, add parts and change the mix, plus play synth patterns and apply effects. Making music with iRing Music Maker is incredibly easy and extremely fun. Move your hands, change the beat, all in real time and with no prior music making knowledge necessary!

It’s a groove thing

iRing Music Maker works by allowing you to mix and remix music loops that always sound good and are always in sync with each other. You can operate iRing Music Maker completely from the touch screen, or use the revolutionary iRing touchless motion controllers to change up the groove, add and remove parts, play synth patterns and apply effects in real time.

Touch screen or iRing

iRing Music Maker can be fully operated using the device touchscreen, but the real fun is when you use it with these iRing controllers, a set of two "rings" you wear on your hands that feature dot patterns that iRing Music Maker recognizes. When you move your hands in front of the device, iRing Music Maker translates the motion into control commands that let you change groove patterns, add and control effects in real time, and even play synthesizer parts inside of the groove.

Here’s where it gets fun

When you launch iRing Music Maker, you select a "song" which is a group of music loops that sound great together. Put an iRing on and show the triangular pattern to your device. Immediately the groove starts and you can add or remove parts by moving your hand with the triangular iRing pattern closer to the screen to add parts, away from the screen to deactivate parts. If you twist the ring clockwise to the right, your groove completely "remixes" and gives you a new combination of loops. Using your finger on the touchscreen, you can audition the loops individually, and mute individual loops by touching the meter section above each column. Once you find a loop you want to keep in the groove, simply touch the colour block to "lock" it in place. When you randomize loops, the "locked" ones stay in place, a great way to keep your bass and drum grooves consistent during your performance! You can also drag your finger across the screen to random mix the loops for an insanely easy way to groove. iRing Music Maker also allows you to select from different styles of bass lines via the "Bass" bank button at the bottom left.

Show iRing Music Maker the linear ring pattern and you’re instantly a synth player. iRing Music Maker uses the linear pattern to trigger synth patterns on the right side of the screen. Move it closer to the screen and it selects a different pattern (1-8) from the selected synth pattern bank. You can play 8 different parts, all in real time and in sync. You can select from multiple synth banks on the fly simply by touching the name of the current bank (at the bottom of the screen) and selecting a new set of patterns. iRing Music Maker comes with 4 song collections with 4 pattern banks per collection.

Twist the linear pattern clockwise to the right and now you’re an effects application master. iRing Music Maker switches to the "effects" section where you can apply and manipulate one of 16 available effects by moving the iRing closer to the device. iRing Music Maker comes with 4 free professional DJ effects, plus an additional 12 available via in-app purchase. You can also use two iRing controllers at the same time.

Record your performance

iRing Music Maker also features a "record" button function that allows you to record your performance so you can share it with your friends via email, FTP or Soundcloud upload, or utilize in other apps on your device via audio copy.

Compatible Devices

Universal app compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad Air, iPad 4th generation, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 2nd generation, iPad mini 2nd generation and iPad mini. iOS 6.0 or later is required.

Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatible

iRing Music Maker works with all Audiobus compatible and Inter-App Audio compatible apps, allowing you to incorporate your grooves into your other favorite music and audio apps.