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Jumper Wires Raspberry Pi 40 Way Ribbon Male Female - Tear Off Strips

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About this product


Product overview

• Ribbon of jumper wires in clusters of 10
• Easily connect breakout boards or electronic components with the 40 wires
• Flexible cable with female jumper wire connectors at one end and male pins at the other
• Compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi
• Easily transport your I2C and SPI connections
• Multi-coloured wires

What does this jumper cable do to help the Raspberry Pi?
Your Raspberry Pi incorporates two rows of GPIO pins, which are designed to allow you to do far more with your Pi board than ever before. These pins provide both power and data transfer to the peripherals from the Raspberry Pi.

These jumper wires allow you to bypass physical constraints and connect over 200mm to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO. These wires are grouped into four groups of 10, making this ribbon cable suitable for older 26-pin and newer 40-pin versions of Raspberry Pi.

How does the jumper cable provide convenience for me?
An advantage of using jumper wires is that there is no need to solder connections to the Raspberry Pi, so this cable extends that connective ability over a small distance. The jumper wires also carry 5V power, I2C and SPI data. With this, you can control a range of devices, from robotics motors to an LCD colour touch screen.

You can pull the wires apart from each other to make individual jumpers, or just separate them slightly to reach the spaced-apart pins of a circuit board. This product has female jumper wire connectors on one side of the wire and male pin connectors on the other side, ideal for extending out to a breakout board. The jumper wires add convenience to many Raspberry Pi projects, and can fit through any cases that have a GPIO slot.


Display Specifications

Screen Type:




Jumper Wires


Package Contents:

Ribbon to split pin cable


Compatible Raspberry Pi:

All models of Raspberry Pi

Pin Outs:

26 pins


Females jumper connector


Cable Length: