Linker Temperature Sensor

Code: N11DH

Product details

Linker Temperature Sensor

• Simple to connect temperature sensor
• Create your own weather station and more!
• Connects directly to GPIO Pins
• Suitable for Arduino or PCDuino
• Only 20 x 20 x 10mm
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Thermal Module is a temperature sensor consists of one LM35, LM35 is a temperature sensor which has been widely used, because it uses internal compensation, so the output can begin with zero. At room temperature, the LM35 requires no additional calibration process can reach + / – 1/4 degree of accuracy. The power supply mode has single power supply and the positive and negative dual power. The mode of the positive and negative dual power can provide negative temperature measurement. The LM35 temperature sensor output voltage has a linear relation with the Celsius temperature. 0 degree output 0V increased by 1 degree, the output voltage increases 10mV.

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N11DH Linker Temperature Sensor (1+) £2.99

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