littleBits Base Electronic Kit

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About this product


Product overview

• Make a prank handshake, spinning windmill, doorbell and much more with this fun circuit kit
• Magnetic snap-together pieces make constructing this kit easy and mess-free
• Learn to create new circuits from the same components
• Have fun building and inventing with 12 modules
• Recommended for ages 8+
• Powered by a single 9V battery (included)

Special features
• Combine with other littleBits kits to make even more models

What can I do with this kit?
Get started in electronics with this simple and fun way to build circuits. Build wheeled vehicles, windmills or even a torch with different combinations of modules. Use your imagination and make your own unique models. The modules uses magnets to clip together, so can’t be connected the wrong way round. Power your inventions from a single <9V (PP3) battery> (included – replacement Order Code L46AL). This kit is simple and easy to connect for anyone ages eight and over. With 10 modules to play with, the sky’s the limit.

What modules are included?
Experiment and see what you can create with a wide range of modules. Three inputs – a push button, light sensor and dimmer knob – let you decide how to start some or all of your circuits, and control how fast or loud they can get. Decide what you want to happen with a choice of four different outputs. The kit also includes a bar-graph which shows you how much signal the kit is receiving, a bright LED, a buzzer and a DC motor which can run in both directions – great to combine with the dimmer for speed control.

What can I learn in this kit?
Learn how to create a complete circuit and experiment with easily identified modules. Power modules are in blue and always go first in the circuit. Inputs are pink and will affect everything that comes after them in the circuit. Outputs, like the LED or buzzer, are green and cause an effect in the circuit. Wires or connecters are orange they can be used to add length to your kit, for example setting a doorbell further away from your buzzer.

What can I do next?
The kit comes with a booklet that contains instructions for five circuits and eight projects. Some projects require additional everyday objects and may require adult supervision if necessary. Once you’ve tried these, you can start to design your own projects. Each littleBits kit is compatible with the others, so you can just keep adding and create cars, mobiles and much more.


Number of included parts 10
Number of models that can be made 8+ projects with instructions
What can be made? Synthesiser
Computer system requirements No
Age group, if specified 8+
Power supply requirements 1 x 9V battery
Dimensions 69.85 mm x 101.6 mm x 311.15 mm