littleBits Space Electronic Kit

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About this product


  • Explore the universe with these space-themed projects
  • Magnetic snap-together pieces make constructing this kit easy and mess-free
  • Learn to create new circuits from the same components

Product overview

• Explore the universe with these space-themed projects
• Magnetic snap-together pieces make constructing this kit easy and mess-free
• Learn to create new circuits from the same components
• Have fun building and inventing with 12 modules
• Recommended for ages 14+
• Powered by a single 9V battery (included)

Special features
• Combine with other littleBits kits to make even more models
• Use a remote control to activate your project

What can I do with this kit?
Any and all budding astronauts and explorers can use the 12 modules in this kit to discover the universe around them. Build your own satellite dish, energy meter or star chart to see what goes on in the galaxy, or conduct experiments to see the spectrum and measure the atmosphere. You can even create your own version of the Mars Rover. The magnetic clip-together modules cannot connect the wrong way round, so you can experiment anyway you want without risking an error. You can use the 12 modules and <9V (PP3) battery> included (replacement Order Code L46AL) to create your perfect project, and add more modules (not included) for bigger projects.

What modules are included?
Build and create countless circuits with the 12 modules included, one of which is a remote trigger module for inputs with a difference. The remote trigger can be activated by almost any remote control that uses infrared light to send a signal - including your TV remote. The kit also includes a microphone with a 3.5mm jack for connecting a MP3 player or similar, and light sensor to input to your project.

Your circuit can do whatever you want it to do. Choose from an IR LED, or a white LED for light effects. Add a speaker with the 3.5mm headphone jack and use your headphones (not included). Add a motor to create moving bots, or even create a two digit number display. The kit contains motor accessories, a 3.5mm cable to get you started, and a screwdriver to make building your circuit even easier.

What can I learn in this kit?
Learn about the universe and the world around you with experiments and projects designed to show your science in action. Experiment with everything from background energy and the light spectrum to how satellite dishes work. This project was designed in collaboration with NASA scientists and engineers, for you to bring space to life in your very own home.

Learn how to build a circuit with colour coded parts designed to help you experiment. Power modules are blue and always comes first in a circuit. With the two power modules provided, you can create circuits that work together like a light and light sensor. Pink modules are inputs and affect the modules that come after them. Green modules are outputs, which are normally the parts of the circuit that offer a response. Connectors are orange, and let you use modules like the LED further away from the rest of the circuit.

What can I do next?
The sky’s no limit with 10 projects in the instruction booklet to get you started and countless combinations for you to discover and create. All littleBits kit modules are compatible, so you can keep creating and building. Some projects require additional everyday objects and may require adult supervision if necessary.


Number of included parts 12 modules
Number of models that can be made 10+ projects
What can be made? Electronic circuit
Computer system requirements No
Age group, if specified 14+
Power supply requirements 1 x 9V battery
Dimensions 36 mm x 100 mm x 310 mm