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About this product


  • Contains two current-controlled transconductance amplifiers with variable inputs and a push-pull output
  • The amplifiers share common supplies but operate independently

Product overview

The 13700 is a dual operational transconductance amplifier with linearising diodes and buffers. It consists of two current controlled transconductance amplifiers, each with different inputs and a push pull output. The two amplifiers share common supplies, but otherwise operate independently. Linearising diodes are provided at the inputs to reduce distortion and allow higher input levels. The result is a 10dB signal-to-noise improvement referenced to 0.5% THD. High impedance buffers are provided which are specially designed to complement the dynamic range of the amplifiers.The IC has many useful applications such as voltage controlled amplifiers, voltage controlled resistors, voltage controlled filters, voltage controlled oscillators, phase locked loop, Schmitt trigger tachometer (f to v), peak detector and hold, sample and hold, ramp and hold, true RMS convertor, variable temperature coefficient voltage reference, pulse width modulator, log current source, multiplexer, zero standby power timer, four quadrant multiplier, amplitude monitor and stereo volume control. A data sheet is available which shows circuit details of all the above applications.


Absolute max ratings LM13700N
Voltage supply range: ±2V to ±18V
Power dissipation: 570mW
Differential input voltage: ±5V
Diode bias current: 2mA
Amplifier bias current: 2mA
Typical ratings at 25°C with VS = ±15V
Input offset voltage: 0.4mA
Input offset current 100nA
Input bias current: 400nA
Input resistance: 26kΩ
Forward transconductance
(gm): 9600µΩ
Tracking of gm: 0.3dB
Peak output current: 500µA
Peak output voltage: ±14V
Supply current (per amp): 1.3mA
Common mode
rejection ratio: 110dB
Unity gain bandwidth: 2MHz
Full power bandwidth: 200kHz
Slew rate: 50V/µs