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Mindsets Thermochromic Pigment 5ml - Magenta

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About this product


Product overview

• 5ml of magenta thermochromic pigment
• Changes colour when heated, turns from magenta at room temperature and fades to transparent above 27°C (human contact or similar)
• Create bright designs that disappear as you heat them
• Demonstrate thermal conductivity and dissipation
Special features
• Mix with a white acrylic base (not included) to paint on almost any surface

What happens with the thermochromic pigment?

Thermochromic pigment is a material which can be mixed with acrylic paint and reacts to changes in temperature. This means you can paint magenta designs on your surface and watch them disappear as they’re heated, hide secret messages under the pigment or create fun designs. The pigment is magenta at room temperature (usually between 18-21°C) but fades to transparent at 27°C. You can achieve this with human contact (holding in your hands or sustained breathing) or by painting on a mug or other container and adding hot water. As the temperature falls the colour reappears.

What does it teach?

This is a great aid to demonstrate to children how reversible thermal chemical reactions can occur. Show thermal conduction, convection and radiation work using the pigment to demonstrate changes in temperature. The pigment comes in a 5ml plastic syringe (IT9 006) and can be combined with an acrylic base to be applied to almost any surface. The best ratio of pigment to acrylic is found through trial and error but one part pigment to four part acrylic is a good starting point.

For use with adult supervision


Product type Thermochromic pigment
Colour Magenta
Size 5 ml
Activation 27 °C or higher