Parrot Skycontroller for Bebop Drone - Red

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About this product


Product overview

• Compatible for use with all Bebop drones
• Boost the maximum range of the Bebop drone to 2000m thanks to the built-in range extender. Without a permit the legal range for a drone to fly is 500m horizontally and 122m vertically in the line of sight from the operator. See The CAA (UK) or The IAA (ROI) for more information
• Dedicated buttons for photo, video, camera angle, return home and more, make it easier to fly and take photographs
• Dock for smartphones and tablets up to 10.6 inches in size allowing you to see the camera’s view and helping you to line up the perfect shot

Special feature
• Uses the same 1200mAh LiPo 3S battery as the one supplied with the Bebop drone providing you with up to 150 minutes of use

What can I do with this Skycontroller?
The two handed joystick controls give you a more realistic flying experience when you pair this Skycontroller to your Parrot Bebop drone. It operates at the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless frequencies with the operating range boosted from 250m to an impressive 2000m* due to the built-in range extender. The Skycontroller also has status LEDs that tell you the Wi-Fi signal and battery life of both the Skycontroller itself and the drone. This makes it really easy to monitor when you have a poor Wi-Fi signal or low battery, ensuring that disastrous events don’t occur.

The dedicated buttons on the Skycontroller make it easier to control not only the flight of the drone but the angle of the camera too, with buttons such as photo/video capture, camera angle and return home. Additionally there is a dock at the centre of the Skycontroller for a smartphone or tablet up to 10.6 inches in size, which when used with the FreeFlight 3 app allows you to see the camera’s view so you can line up the perfect shot.

Can I connect FPV glasses to the Skycontroller?
FPV (first-person view) glasses/googles can be used with the Skycontroller through the HDMI slot. Currently the only FPV glasses that can be used with it are the Sony FPV and Zeiss Cinemizer (with more being compatible in the future). Once connected to the Skycontroller you get the live video stream, with telemetry information such as distance and altitude displayed straight to the glasses. A truly immersive flying experience is revealed once you have linked your FPV glasses to the Skycontroller.

Safe flying is your responsibility
We fully encourage safe and responsible flying. We recommend you read the CAA’s/IAA’s website for full information on safe and responsible flying.
The CAA (UK)

Please see the Downloads tab for information regarding responsible flying and aviation law.


Specification table
Parrot part reference number PF725000 (Sky Controller Red)
Maplin Order Code Description Parrot Model Number
N43EA Bebop Drone - Red PF722000
N44EA Bebop Drone - Blue PF722001
N45EA Bebop Drone - Yellow PF722002
N46EA Bebop Drone with Skycontroller - Red PF725100
N47EA Bebop Drone with Skycontroller - Blue PF725101
N48EA Bebop Drone with Skycontroller - Yellow PF725102