pcDuino Programming Development Board

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About this product


Product overview

• Start your electronics and coding projects with the user friendly, open source pcDuino V2
• Use with shields to enhance your project, compatible with the Arudino Uno R3 pin layout shields
• With 14 Digital I/O Pins easily control many components from RGB LEDs to Servos, screens and more
• Connects a USB keyboard, mouse & HDMI screen to develop your own code without a PC
• Functions with Arduino IDE, which has never been easier, with thousands of tips, tricks and guides readily available online.
• Powered by the ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz Processor
• Runs on operating systems such as Ubuntu and Android ICS
• RJ45 10/100 network socket and Built in Wi-Fi, add connectivity with many external devices
• Powered using a USB-Micro

Reasons to pick the pcDuino2?
The pcDuino V2 is a high performance, cost effective, mini PC platform that can run Ubuntu, Android ICS, and other similar operating systems. This board also sports a HDMI out, enabling you to use your TV as a monitor, and the built in Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly to your router.
Arduino headers are supplied on this board so you can easily attach all of your favourite Arduino Uno R3 pinout shields, as well any other components or break-out boards.
Programming languages used with the pcDuino V2 are C++ and Python, click to find out more

Connections and Expansion
The pcDuino V2 has most of the relevant connections to be able to connect it to the same devices you usually would a normal PC, from a HDMI socket for your video and sound; built in Wi-Fi, or RJ45 should you prefer a wired option. You can expand the memory on the pcDuino V2 via a micro SD, which is expandable up to a further 32 GB, USB Hosting is also available for mice, keyboards, storage, and many other every day USB devices you may have.

The pcDuino V2 also comes with shield capability, based on the Arduino Uno R3 layout, meaning you can snap in many of your favourite shields, breakouts or other components in. Caution is advised as some Arduino libraries may not be supported without prior modification.

Arduino shields come in many shapes and sizes, from providing solder-able break-out boards, a 1.8" TFT screen with micro SD slot and joystick, to a servo and motor control board. Another great range of accessories are called Breakouts, tiny shields that link together just as easy usually providing more specific uses. Shields and Breakouts allow you to more easily manage a lot of components in any project, you can view our range of shields and breakouts by clicking here.

What will you make?
You can use the pcDuino V2 like any ordinary PC in terms of web browsing, viewing emails, and as long as the software is supported by your chosen operating system, many third party programs may also be installed.

The board can also be used as an Arduino board so you can practise your electronics as well as your programming skills. With the ever expanding range of tutorial guides available, you can start by telling a single LED to flash, or control a stepper motor’s speed and direction. Using a coding languages called C/C++, these skills easily translate to most general software languages, so with this you’ll be learning a lot more than electronics.

The pcDuino V2 also support Arduino shields, which come in many shapes and sizes, from providing solder-able break-out boards, a 1.8" TFT screen with micro SD slot and joystick, to a servo and motor control board.

Ease of Use
The pcDuino V2 supports the Arduino IDE. Arduino is fantastic for all ages, whether you have previous experience or not, from fun to functional. Tutorials will tell you exactly what you will need, even what pins to connect your components into, giving you a step by step, start to finish. Due to the pcDuino V2 functioning almost as any normal computer you’re not restricted in how or what you code for.

With the pcDuino V2 you can start by:
making your own parking sensor,
to making your own surveillance kit,
or access your pcDuino V2 from anywhere.

Arduino IDE software is needed to program an Arduino, it’s not in the box. Download from here:
Works on Mac, Windows and Linux based computers including Raspberry Pi's Rasbian software

Arduino's site.


Micro Controller ARM Cortex A8 CPU
CPU Clock Speed 1 GHz
Operating Voltage 5 V
Input Voltage 7 / 12 V DC, or 5 V from USB
Digital IO/PWM 14 / 6
Analogue In 6
ICSP 2 x 6
Programming interface USB
USB Serial Controller USB-Micro
Flash Memory 2 GB
Board Version (if applicable) 2
Special Features Reset Button
Screw mounting holes
Connectivity Shield - Arduino Uno R3 layout
10/100 Ethernet
Micro SD card slot up to 32 GB
USB Host
Dimensions 125 mm x 52 mm