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Pi Cap Add-On Board for Raspberry Pi


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About this product


  • Add-on board for connecting Raspberry Pi to the physical world
  • Precision touch, proximity sensing and high quality audio
  • Prototyping area with GPIO breakout

Product overview

  • Add-on board for connecting Raspberry Pi to the physical world
  • Precision capacitive touch, proximity sensing and high quality audio
  • Prototyping area with GPIO breakout
  • Multi-functional button and programmable RGB status LED
  • Contains code examples for C++, Python, and Node.js with walkthroughs
  • Features tours for Polyphonic Touch MP3, LED Colour Spinner and more
  • Compatible with any Pi with a 40pin GPIO connector

N.B Raspberry Pi board is NOT included

Connect your Pi to the physical world
The Pi Cap by Bare Conductive is an add-on board compatible with Raspberry Pi 1 A+/B+, 2, 3, and Pi Zero. The power of the add-on gives you limitless opportunities to make and advance electronic projects. The Pi Cap can be used plugged into a monitor or free-standing, so you won’t need to worry about needing wired connections when using this board. The Pi Cap has precise capacitive touch and distance sensing through its twelve electrodes. This means you can control and trigger outputs of audio and more by simply touching or being in close proximity with the sensors. The Pi Cap also features an RBG LED which can be used as an indicator for status updates.

Expanding your boards
The capacitive sensors on the Pi Cap are tuneable, so you can change the code to set them to your preference and customise them for each project you try. The electrodes are 3.2mm in area and are gold plated, enabling you to connect to components with crocodile clips, Electric Paint, or by soldering. The 3.5mm audio output socket will drive most headphones as well as mini speakers, so you can explore the triggering of sounds, expanding your Pi and connecting it seamlessly to the physical world. There are seven GPIO pins that are broken out from the main header to allow for extra connections. Along with the 84-pad prototyping area with 1mm drill space for each pin, you’re given free range over what you can add and connect to the Pi Cap.

Limitless projects with Pi Cap
Bare Conductive offer a vast library of example codes and tutorials, so you can get started on small scale projects right away. One of the code examples streams the sensor data through Open Sound Control to your laptop. This will allow you to monitor and observe proximity touch and motion. The Pi Cap’s capacitive sensors can be used to formulate and play simple, interactive games like Pong, (cleverly called Capong by the Bare Conductive team). Changing physical inputs into digital outputs is a great way to explore the capabilities of this add-on.

Another example of a small-scale project that uses the Pi Cap as an add-on to the Pi Zero is #PugProse. This project used the twelve electrodes as sensors to trigger outputs. The input used was motion, so the sensors were triggered when the pug was stroked and when he laid down. The Pi Cap was also programmed to output sounds from digital inputs, in this case they used Tweets. Coding this sound output meant the pug would appear to say loving phrases when stroked, existential quotes when lying down, and whatever people tweeted at him using the #PugProse hashtag. The Pi Cap and Pi Zero work together to power any inputs to produce results that are exciting and as creative as you are.



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Raspberry Pi

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1x Bare Conductive Pi Cap


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