Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro Prototype Board for Raspberry Pi

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About this product


Product overview

• Expand your options with this prototyping board
• Includes four buffered 5V inputs, four powered 5V outputs, four capacitive touch pads, four crocodile clip pads and four coloured LEDs
• Connect even more with a 170 socket breadboard
• Compatible with the Raspberry Pi A+, B+, Pi 2& Pi 3
• The board come fully assembled – no need for soldering

Special Features
• Even more connectivity with four analogue inputs, two H-bridge motor drivers and 3V3 connections

What can I do with the Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro Prototype Board?
Connect your Raspberry Pi to this Pimoroni Pro prototype board and open up your prototyping options. This product includes a breadboard and eight capacitive inputs, as well as four inputs for an Arduino or 5V Trinket. There’s even four 5V powered outputs so you can connect solenoids, relays or stepper motors. On top of these connections, you’ve also got a full 170 connection breadboard to experiment with.

What outputs are compatible with this board?
The four 5V powered outputs let you run devices like solenoid and relays with control inputs from your Raspberry Pi. The on-board Darlington array means that outputs can supply up to 500mA per channel, up to 1A in total from all four. There are four LEDs that can be independently controlled to light when an action or process happens. These LEDs come in red, green, blue and yellow, making them perfect for use as status indicators.

What inputs are included on the board?
You can experiment with 12 different inputs. The four capacity touch pads produce an input when you touch them, and the four crocodile clip inputs can be connected to a wide range of capacitive objects, from tin foil to oranges, to give you the perfect trigger for your device. Four 5V-tolerant inputs let you connect your Pi to receive inputs from 5V systems like the Arduino Leonardo (not included), Uno (sold separately Order Code N30KU) or 5V Trinket (sold separately Order Code N60EA). The five channel buffer will accept anything from 2V to 5V as a logic high.

What makes the Pro different?
The Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro is the ultimate prototyping board, with even more connections than ever – adding up to four analogue inputs like temperature and light sensors. With this, you can create a moving project or vehicle with two H-bridges, a motor driver capable of running a motor in either direction, with your Raspberry Pi providing 5V and up to 200 mA per motor (motors not included). You can soft-PWM (pulse-width modulation) to get full speed control. The Pro also has a row dedicated to 3.3V connections from your Raspberry Pi devices.


Product Specifications

Assembly Required:


Soldering Required:



Four coloured LEDs


Compatible Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry Pi A+
Pi 2 & Pi 3




30 + 170 breadboard (+ 40 to GPIO pin)



Explorer HAT

Operating Specifications


3.3, 5 VV


200 / 500 mAA