Robox PLA 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament 750g Smart Reel – Woody Beech

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About this product


  • High quality, white PLA filament
  • Designed to work with ROBOX 3D printer
  • PLA is perfect for when a detailed and rigid printed object is required

Product overview

• High quality, white PLA filament
• Designed to work with ROBOX 3D printer
• PLA is perfect for when a detailed and rigid printed object is required
• Each reel provides 750g / 240m of filament (approximately)
Special feature
• Smart reels have built-in EEPROM module that can be read by the CEL ROBOX 3D printer, giving you data on the stored material including the amount left on the reel

Will this filament work with my 3D Printer?
Any 3D Printer that supports the use of PLA filament with a 1.75mm diameter will be able to use this filament. You will need to confirm that your 3D printer’s spool holder can incorporate the spool’s diameter of 172mm and the spool-hole’s diameter of 25/80mm. The EEPROM module, which allows you to keep track of your usage, is compatible with the CEL Robox 3D Printer.

Why pick this filament?
PLA is a plant based filament which prints with a semi-sweet smell and is biodegradable. It has a lower melting point than ABS and does not require a heated bed. PLA sticks better to a range of surfaces like metal, wood, plastic and glass. When actively cooled, PLA can be used for sharper details than ABS.

ABS is the alternative for prints that are used or stored in an area up to 105°C. As ABS has a higher melting point, your print has a vastly reduced change of warping. ABS also has more of a bend to give your design more flexibility.

Check your printer for its filament compatibilities.
Don’t risk running out halfway through a project – stock up on 750g of woody beech PLA filament (RBX-SPC-WD001), which is suitable for medium to large scale projects.

Storing my filament when not in use
All filaments work better when they stored in a dry and dust-free environment, as moisture can create problems with printing and reduce the lifespan of the filament. This filament comes with a reusable zip-lock bag with an added sachet of silica gel to ensure that when you come to use or reuse this filament, you’ll have the best quality print every time.

Ensuring you always have enough for a print
A handy built-in EEPROM module stores data on the material and statistics of use, which can be read by the CEL Robox 3D Printer. The EEPROM allows you to determine how much filament is left on the reel, which will allow you to confidently start a print and leave it running without the risk of returning to a print ruined by lack of filament. You may still be able to use this filament even if the 3D printer you are using isn’t the CEL Robox 3D printer.


Plastic material type PLA
Colour Woody beech
Diameter 1.75mm
Filament length 240 m (approx)
Process temperature 190 °C
Pack size 750g
Spool dimensions
Spool diameter 185 mm
Spool depth 60 mm
Spool hole diameter 25/80mm