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Team Losi 5IVE-T 1:5 Off-Road Racing Truck

Code: A77TG

  • Up to 50 minutes of all out action per tank
  • Reach speeds up to 30mph
  • 26cc engine, with 800cc large fuel tank
  • Indoor and outdoor driving
  • Bind-N-Drive - DSM transmitter required (not included)Special Features
  • High grade premium materials, with tuneable performance
  • Telemetry sensors installed (temp, receiver battery voltage, mph/rpm, km/h)

Product details

Team Losi 5IVE-T 1:5 Off-Road Racing Truck

• Up to 50 minutes of all out action per tank
• Reach speeds up to 30mph
• 26cc engine, with 800cc large fuel tank
• Indoor and outdoor driving
• Bind-N-Drive - DSM transmitter required (not included)

Special Features

• High grade premium materials, with tuneable performance
• Telemetry sensors installed (temp, receiver battery voltage, mph/rpm, km/h)

What is the Team Losi 5IVE?

The Team Losi 5IVE-T Off-Road Racing Truck is not your usual RC car. Its 1:5 scale is met with a performance orientated design, high-grade premium materials and innovations that replicate a full-size vehicle in terms of realism, performance and experience. Building upon features seen in the Losi award and race winning 8IGHT buggy platform, the Team Losi 5IVE-T uses proven suspension geometry and 4WD design.

Designed and built with only the best premium materials, this RC beast includes many parts and features normally seen as aftermarket optional parts. Each part of the carefully constructed RC truck has been designed to give reliable performance, with the ability to tune, perform maintenance and replace when needed.

What is on the outside?

Starting with the outside, the chassis of the car is made of 5 mm thick aircraft-grade aluminium, with CNC machining to help reduce excess weight whilst improving the strength and durability. This body shell is made of four individual pieces: hood, cab and separate rear fenders that allow you to replace only the parts that become damaged. Replacement bodies are clear, allowing you to customise or retain your truck’s design. The truck’s multi-piece bead lock wheels feature standard hex drives with rings on both the inner and outer bead of the tyre. This provides you with a stable platform for all terrain tyres, with most tyres fitting these beadlock wheels. Underneath the chassis is a full roll cage modelled after full-scale trucks, providing added durability and a solid base for the modular body. This cage can easily be removed in seconds, with only four screw and four body clips to access the truck’s internal electronics and mechanics.

What makes the machine?

The Engine
Inside the truck, you have an 800cc fuel tank which feeds the beast of an engine, offering 40-50 minute all out action runtimes. The powerful 2-stroke gasoline 26cc engine will produce speeds of up to 30mph. It features an electric ignition, an easy to adjust carburettor with a built-in choke and fuel primmer. A two stage air and fuel filter ensures increased longevity, using a series of foam filters to prevent blockages and maintain proper flow. The engine is easily removable, but even better due to the machined oval inserts that perfectly match those on the trucks chassis, you won’t have trouble relocating the engine and achieving the perfect gear mesh.

The Servos
The ¼ scale metal gear steering servo features an all steel drivetrain, which drives over 300inch oz. of torque. To maintain the performance and help dissipate heat, there is a built-in heatsink and an aluminium output arm.

The ¼ scale throttle servo surpasses its throttle duties, providing the main source of stopping power for the truck. With the help of the top grade aluminium bias adjustable dual-disk brakes, this servo has the power to bring the 5IVE-T to a stop.

The Suspension and acceleration
There are three tuneable sealed viscous differentials, filled with various weights of silicone fluid. The stock setup is 7000 CS front, 5000 CS centre and 2000 CS rear. The instruction manual includes a tuning guide, to adjust and refine to your driving style.

The innovative clutch mount is fully enclosed to reduce exposure and prevent dust, dirt and debris from entering the system. Featuring a finned aluminium design, this helps to evacuate the heat generated by the power of the 8000 RPM clutch.

The front and rear shock towers are constructed from 7076 T6 hard anodised aluminium, with one piece threaded adjusters for quick and fine-tuning. The adjustable turnbuckles and toe links allow you to tweak the car’s performance across any terrain challenge.

The Electronics
The core of the truck’s electronics system comes from the Spektrum™ SR3300T telemetry receiver with 2.4GHz DSM® technology, which has the extended ability to transmit real-time vitals back to the driver. On board the Spektrum ™ transmitter there are prewired sensors that monitor the engines temperature, speed and receivers battery voltage.

The 4WD performance of the truck brings the power of the engine to the ground, with forward bite and tracking challenging corners can be met with all wheels in play. The 5IVE-T uses CV joint driveshafts throughout its design to offer you precision and control. Precision-cut or formed heat-treated steel gears are used throughout the drivetrain to provide stability and added durability.

What else do I need?

The Losi 5IVE-T is a Bind-N-Drive vehicle. You complete it with your choice of DSM® transmitter, with the setup guides to the most popular models covered in the instruction manual. To gain access to the telemetry readings, a transmitter supporting these is essential.

Other than the transmitter, with the raw 26cc engine and 30mph speed, stocking up on 90 Octane gasoline and 2-stroke oil is recommended.

Model 5ive-T
Weight 17.2 kg
Type Truck
Scale 1/5th
Length 965.2 mm
Width 527 mm
Height 311.1 mm
Drivetrain 4WD
Motor Type N/A
Max Speed 30mph
Radio Frequency/Band 2.4GHz
Capacity 3300 mAh
Voltage 6v
Battery Type NiMh
Max Run time 45 minutes
Recharge Time 8 hours

Bulk Prices

Item code Item name Quantity Price
A77TG Team Losi 5IVE-T 1:5 Off-Road Racing Truck (1+) £1939.99

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