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Thames & Kosmos Intro to Engineering Science Kit


About this product


  • Ideal kit for kids ages 5-10 who are curious about building things
  • Includes 21 different experiments with 70 pieces
  • Comes with a 52-page, full-colour guidebook

Product overview

  • The ideal kit for kids aged 5-10 who are curious about building things
  • Has 21 different engineering-based experiments and projects to try
  • Comes with 70 pieces including materials for building your own car, boat and parachute
  • Some experiments require materials not provided e.g. scissors and water
  • Includes a 52-page, full-colour guidebook for kids and parents
  • Teaches the basics of engineering through fun, hands-on activities

Learn the basics of engineering
The Intro to Engineering Science Kit from Thames & Kosmos brings the curiousity of young children together with fun and safe experiments. This science kit is filled with projects which accurately mimick the real world on a small scale, so children can get in touch with the nature of forces and the basics of engineering in an exciting way. The Intro to Engineering Kit is perfect for children aged five – ten, and experiments should be done under adult supervision.

21 different experiments to try
This science kit has 21 different engineering-based experiments and projects to try and includes 70 different pieces to use. Each experiment is hands-on, encouraging children to get to know all the included pieces and play around with things such as pulleys and levers. With this kit, your child will learn about how vehicles work on land, in water, and in the air. They will learn lots of technical tricks, and use the basis of their newfound knowledge to imagine the future of engineering such as intelligent robotics. Although the Intro to Engineering kit contains many pieces, lots of experiments will need a few more things that can be found in any household such as scissors, water, and glue.

Hands-on STEM education
The Intro to Engineering kit comes with a 52-page, full-colour guidebook with step-by-step directions on how to do each experiment, and a short paragraph explaining what is happening for each one. This kit is ideal for broadening your child’s interest and experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). STEM education is crucial in developing an understanding of how the world works, and provides children with the ability to recognise and even play a role in the development of technologies of the future. The Intro to Engineering Science Kit introduces children the basics of mechanical engineering, in ways that will interest them and encourage them to explore the science behind everyday objects, buildings, and vehicles.




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Package Contents:

1x Full-colour, 52-page guidebook
1x Flip-book paper sheet
1x Printed paper sheet
1x Glider paper sheet
1x Die-cut cardboard sheet
1x String
1x Clear film sheet
1x Blue drinking straw
2x Black drinking straw
1x Pipette
1x Parachute material
1x Push pin
2x Mounting stand
3x Paper clip
2x Small rubber band
4x Large rubber band
1x Paddle wheel
1x Axle
1x Anchor pin level
1x Small frame
2x Long rod
2x 5-hole rod
2x 3-hole rod
2x Medium gear
2x Medium pulley
2x Small pulley
2x O-ring for medium pulley
2x Long axle
1x Medium axle
1x Short axle
1x Crane hook
1x String pool
1x Connection bridge
14x Anchor pin
1x Shaft plug
1x Joint pin
4x Button pin
2x Axle lock


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