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Tile Sport and Style Keyfinder Combo Pack


About this product


  • Combo pack of two stylish and innovative phone finders that connect to the free Tile app
  • Includes one Tile Style and one Tile Sport phone finder accessories
  • Attaches to any valuables, so can be used to keep track of phones, wallets and keys

Product overview

  • Combo pack of two stylish and innovative phone finders that connect to the free Tile app
  • Includes one Tile Style and one Tile Sport phone finder accessories
  • Attaches to any valuables, so can be used to keep track of phones, wallets, keys
  • Total range of up to 200 feet for thorough search capability 98 decibel siren volume rings for eight seconds for clear, noticeable signals
  • Overrides silent modes on lost phones to make searching easier
  • Connects with the global Tile community to extend reach to within anyone else’s Tile phone finder
  • Waterproof up to a depth of one and a half metres for 30 to 60 minutes
  • Durable design is more than capable of withstanding a busy lifestyle

Keep any valuable safe
This combo pack of Tile accessories ensures that you’ll always be able to keep track of all your most valuable possessions. The pack includes one Tile Style and one Tile Sport, both of which can be attached to anything you want to keep safe. They can link onto keyrings, fit comfortably into wallets and toggle easily onto anything else you can’t afford to lose. They connect via Bluetooth to the free Tile smartphone app, which locates both accessories with a simple tap. When you let the app know that you can’t find your valuables, your specified Tile accessory will ring so you can hear where to look for it.

Sport and Style
The combo pack comes with two of Tile’s most advanced accessories, blending a sophisticated look with the durability to withstand any aspect of a contemporary lifestyle. Both are constructed with a sturdy build and are waterproof up to a depth of one and half metres. The Tile Sport can be submerged for up to thirty minutes, while the Tile Style can last up to an hour. They each have their own unique designs, with the Sport offering a cool black finish and the Style crafted with a contemporary white and champagne colour scheme.

Far-reaching power
Utilising Tile’s most advanced technology, these accessories boast a search range of up to 200 feet – offering twice the range of previous models and a truly thorough search. These Tiles also have a much louder alarm than past lines, reaching a siren volume of 98 decibels when you call your Tile from the app. If any of your possessions do go missing, these features combine to give you the tools you need to find them.

Foolproof memory
If your valuables have fallen out of range since they went missing, the attached Tiles will fail to connect to the app and won’t ring. But the Tile app can still give you some clues about where they are. Whenever the app is running, even if only in the background of your phone, it keeps constant track of how far away connected Tiles are. If it loses connection with your Tiles, it will remember the last place it was in range. This means that, even if you can’t get a precise location, you will at least have a good knowledge of where to start looking.

Two-way connectivity
Both the Tile Style and the Tile Sport are able to search for your smartphone via the Tile app in the same way the app searches for them. If you can’t find your phone, but have either of your Tiles safely nearby, you can give your Tile a double tap and it will connect to the app. This will cause your phone to ring, so you can locate it much more easily using the sound. If your phone is on silent, this connection will override that mode so that you will always be able to hear it loud and clear.

Connect anonymously to the Tile community
Even if you can’t find your missing possessions in their most recently recorded location, your Tile can still find a way to make its way back to you. Every app and accessory can recognise other Tiles, meaning that any Tile that passes your lost valuables will register their location. If any other Tile comes within range of yours, your app will receive a notification telling you where your property has ended up. This happens completely anonymously, so no one else will know where your Tile has gone.


Power Specifications

Power Supply:

CR2032 battery (lasts a year)

Batteries Required:

CR2 battery (included)


Package Contents:

1 x Tile Style Keyfinder
1 x Tile Sport Keyfinder

Operating Specifications

Siren Volume:


Siren Duration:

8 seconds

Maximum Range: